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 Quadraxis Mk2

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PostSubject: Quadraxis Mk2   Quadraxis Mk2 Icon_minitimeThu Jul 01, 2010 6:46 am

ID Name: DarkDan158

Character Name: Quadraxis Mk2 (Mk stands for mark as in model number)

Race: Space Pirate

Physical Description: Smaller in size but still capable of taking out a number of tanks. Similar to its larger brother but has more weapons.

Minions: Crew of five silver space pirates.

Intentions: Destruction of entire cities on a widespread scale, but due to its smaller size it can only leave a mark on the face of a planet and so is not designed for destruction of entire planets (Literally)

Technology: Luminoth tech stolen and modified by space pirates while added with SP weapons

Abilities: Can attach to various buildings or in the bosses case a moving captured federation cargo train

Power Cannon attached to the front that fires concentrated lasers bombs

Underside flamethrower: Activates when life froms are detected under the machine

Multiple MG Nests: Fires basic machine gun rounds.

When sustained enough damage it will attempt to Explode but will definately Implode destroying the Pirate Crew within and if the explosion is succesful it will destroy the Train it is attached to.

Number of players required to fight: 2 are required to fight

Personality: Destructive but only when programmed by Pirates and thats the only personality it has.

History: When the pirates captured the sanctuary fortress they aquired Luminoth tech and more Importantly the schematics for quadraxis. Once Samus left Aether the destroyed remains of the Ing possessed Mk 1 version appeared exactly where it would have been if it stayed on Aether. The pirates decided that they would build a second and so they built Mk 2. Faster and powerful this is truly the next stage in robotic evolution.
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Quadraxis Mk2
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