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 Sgt. Major Nero Eurynome / Sa'Relsh Vintas

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PostSubject: Sgt. Major Nero Eurynome / Sa'Relsh Vintas   Sgt. Major Nero Eurynome / Sa'Relsh Vintas Icon_minitimeFri Jul 02, 2010 8:56 pm

Player ID: Commander7890

Character name: Nero Eurynome

Race: Human

Age: 30

Gender: male

Height: 6"3

Weight: 235 pounds

Appearance: scar-covered White skin, Short Black hair, eyes can either be an Icy color, or a blood-red crimson.

Known Languages: Federation Basic, Ing

Faction/Organization: Federation Marines

Alignment: Good/Evil

Personality: Serious, cold / maniacal, destructive, Blood Thirsting, crazy

Strengths: Close quarters combat, medium ranged combat, Strong-Willed.

Weaknesses: Light energy, Long range combat(Unless he has a long range weapon)

Likes: Beer, fighting in close combat / Ripping people apart, being drenched in blood, killing in general

Dislikes: Sa'Relsh Vintas, Ing, being out-gunned / Nero Eurynome, Life in general, not having something to kill, not being in combat, Light energy

Equipment: Standard marine armor, Assault rifle, energy bayonet on rifle, Power sword, energy grenades, Side-arm, Jump-pack, Jet Dash System.

Character History: Sergeant Major Nero Eurynome joined the marine corps as an enlisted man when he was 18. He fought in many battles, and after 12 years achieved the rank of Sergeant Major. The day that the federation finally made contact with the Luminoth, they sent marine squads in to make sure that nothing hostile happened. Nero was in charge of one squad. As they landed, they explored a bit, checking the perimeter of the drop-ship to make sure everything was safe.

suddenly, a pirate with jet-black armor and skin leaped out of a tree and attacked. It killed all of the squad members until only Nero was left. They charged each other, Nero using his power sword and the pirate using his dark scythe. Finally, after a long fight, Nero got lucky, and managed to stab the pirate through the chest. It screeched in pain and reached forward, grabbing Nero's shoulders. He felt something thin and sharp stab into each of his shoulder blades, and the pirate's skin and armor turned back to its normal hue, falling over dead.

Nero got back to the ship, and sent a small report back to command. Meanwhile, he could feel something move around inside of him. It gripped at his mind, demanded obedience, but Nero had been through many many battles, he knew the horrors of war, and as such had a very powerful will. He would later find that this creature was an "Ing" named Sa'Relsh Vintas. From that day forward, it was always a constant power struggle for his body, but mainly Nero could keep him in check. Whenever Sa'Relsh would struggle to try and gain control, his eyes would turn crimson.

((Note: Did my research ^_^ Someone with enough stamina and will-power is capable of resisting an Ing possession))

Alt Form Name: Dark form

Description: When Sa'Relsh gains control of the body. The blue glow on his armor turns crimson, his armor and skin darkens, eyes turn crimson. Generally creates a desire for close-range combat.

Abilities/Weapons: Increased reflexes, stamina, can take more damage.


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Sgt. Major Nero Eurynome / Sa'Relsh Vintas
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