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 Frank Harrigan

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PostSubject: Frank Harrigan   Frank Harrigan Icon_minitimeSat Jul 03, 2010 7:30 am

ID Name: EpicToaster360R

Character Name: Frank Harrigan

Race: Human

Physical Description:

An 8'3 Gient With A Minigun For An Arm. Hes Also 41

Minions: To Srive And Protect His Contry And Planet By Carrying Out His Orders No-matter The Cost.

Intentions: To Serve His Contry/Planet

Technology: Battle Suit With x3 Shielding And 5inch Thick Steal, Minigun

Abilities: Super Strength, High Jump

Number of players required to fight: 1

Personality: Frank was tough to never show any human emotion. In A Way Hes Like A Walking Killing Machine.

History: Frank Was Born In A Lab During A Super Solder Project To Genetically Alter People To Become The Best Killing Machines They Could Be. He Was Put Into A Black Ops Unit As A General At The Age Of 17. His Body Count Is 73,526 and counting.
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Frank Harrigan
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