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 Rosalia Bandou

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PostSubject: Rosalia Bandou   Rosalia Bandou Icon_minitimeSun Jul 18, 2010 1:01 pm

Player ID: Pup64
Character name: Rosalia Bandou
Race (Humanoid): Caucasian
Species: Formula Sensata
Formula sensata is an organism composed mostly of brain matter, and is an organism that metroids are partially based on. Their three nuclei are large cells, who have extra ribosomes that work as a literal turing machine. They have several dozen tentacles to manipulate the form they take. They are able to collect protiens and form a body such as that of a human, or metal and take the form of a robot. Since they may become different things, their senses are combined synaesthetically (they only feel one sense even though they can detect light and sound, etc). in their native form they are about half an inch in diameter.
Age: 217
Gender: Female
Height (Humanoid): 5' 2"
Weight (Humanoid): 128 lbs
Appearance: Long, messy light blond hair, black pigment spots that look remotely like spilled ink, wears white dress with a jabot.
Known Languages: Because Formulae Sensatae are synesthetic, it makes it easy for them to interpret new language. Varies
Faction/Organization: Federation
Alignment: Neutral
Personality: Meek and quiet.
Strengths: A mathematical and logical genius: Synaesthetic sense allows her to handle her senses better.
Weaknesses: Not very strong, not specifically good at fighting.
Likes/Dislikes: Dislikes being near more than a few people, likes planets with a lot of storms.
Character History: Banished from her home planet when they saw her abilities.

Alt Form Name: Formula sensata
Description: See above (the human form is really more the alt form)
Abilities/Weapons: Synaesthetic sense allows her to handle her surroundings really well.


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