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 The Meeting ( Private, Invite Only )

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PostSubject: The Meeting ( Private, Invite Only )    The Meeting ( Private, Invite Only )  Icon_minitimeTue Jul 20, 2010 2:43 am


(( OOC: Apparently according to the metroid manga the currency in metroid is mulongs or whatever the currency in cowboy bebop was. so im going to use this from now on as the currency. ))

I got up as I did every morning. Brushing my teeth, Getting Dressed, Putting on a different wig, and checked for new bounties. One good thing about being a bounty hunter is that its freelance work, your your own boss, but all that really means is that when theres no work then theres nothing. no money, no food, nothing, witch made me all the more surprised when I saw that there was a new Bounty up for grabs on the pirate home world. A warden of a prison on the pirate home world had a fair amount of mulongs on his head so I got on my ship and made course for the pirate home world. not many people liked going there when getting bounty so I knew I would probably have no problem getting this one... Or at least thats what I thought...

... The space pirates where notorious for selling there prisoners as slaves witch gave me a way in. I had a bad reputation among the pirates as a federation loving goody goody two shoes, I had ways in though. I used a proxy to hide my ships ID so the pirates wouldn't know who I was. I flew into orbit just over the prison.

"State youz biznezz herez orz wellz blow yar outa teh sky."

I was surprised to see that the guy on the intercom spoke English. lucky on my part.

"I'm here to purchase some slaves."

I said hoping they didn't have some kind of voice recognition to find me on there data base.

"Wellz whis derden't youz says taht in teh ferst plarse. comez onz in."

I landed jest outside the prison and the guards let me in with mensing stares. They didn't take my weapons, Not like I was going to let them, But they escorted me to the wardens office. As i entered the room I saw a office that looked like a tornado had come through it and barfed all over it. There where rips and tares in the carpet and stains in the seats, the paintings where tilted and his desk was a mess. he was facing th wall as if he had done that so when i came in he could turn around dramatically as if we where in a movie.

"Please come in... Have A Seat."

He turned like I had predicted and i saw an short, bald, over weight man stare at me wearing an old wester suit and broken monocle as if it made him look smarter.

"I'd rather not, thank you"

I said trying as hard as I could not to be disgusted.

"Well you'r looken for slaves, correct?"

He asked.

"Yes sir."

I replied.

"Well then lets take a look."

He said as he got up and wattled like a penguin over to the door. We walked down Hallways and corridors full of prisoners. To be honest I was waiting for him to walk by the entrance so that I wouldn't have to run as far after I shot him. He had been rambling the entire time but I wasn't paying attention. I was waiting for the moment to strike. we walked by a cell near the entrance.

"And here we have a gem. This ones name is kit. We found her wandering In the deserts and thought she would make a great addition to the... Collection."

I found myself staring face to face with a woman, looking around 20. white hair, skin slightly darker then mine.

"Even since she came here shes been quiet but the times she did talk it was in some language we didn't know. we thought it was Japanese."

I had an idea.


I asked the girl hoping she would help me.

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PostSubject: Re: The Meeting ( Private, Invite Only )    The Meeting ( Private, Invite Only )  Icon_minitimeTue Jul 20, 2010 5:38 am

((sorry I'm late everyone!))
A young-looking blond woman lay on the floor of a cell, in a torn and weathered robe, with another in the next.

"It's funny," she said, with a sarcastically bitter twinge "I've always wanted to be really thin. Just kidding. This is just awful."

"Rosie... SHUT THE HELL UP!" The woman in the next cell instead paced frantically. "I don't care whether or not you grew up in the suburbs and ate all the food you want and whatnot. Shut up!"

A space pirate with a mask ("It's for when I was burned during project helix," he said, "don't worry about it.") leaned back in a chair in front of their cells, reading a newspaper and ignoring the talk behind him.
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The Meeting ( Private, Invite Only )
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