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 Bureau of Bad Behavior Guidlines

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Ryo 'Wraith' Kilepura
Ryo 'Wraith' Kilepura

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Bureau of Bad Behavior Guidlines Empty
PostSubject: Bureau of Bad Behavior Guidlines   Bureau of Bad Behavior Guidlines Icon_minitimeTue Sep 07, 2010 8:33 am

*Adjust glasses and and clears throat* Welcome to the Bureau of Bad Behavior. Here, we allow you to post topics of pure malice and hate. Well, rather we allow you an area where no one will jump on you for posting it in the wrong area or being mean.

You see, here, you can let loose about how 'bad' things are in your life. Let out all your anger and sorrows here if typing them out will help. Even ask for others opinions if you wish. We understand life can be hectic and cruel, and it's those times you need a kind face and a pleasent smile in your life. We offer that. Whether you use this place or not is all your choice.

From Bureau Head,
Ryo Kilepura

Listed below are the basic rules/guidlines. I am strict here for the most part because this is a place to releive stress and become happier. We want our members to be welcomed and have nice places to go.

1. Do not be a jerk here with the purpose of provoking. You get a warning for first offence. Second will be a 14 day ban, the last offence will be a perminant ban.

2. You are able to post problems you have with other members WITH the purpose of understanding eachother to sort it out. If not, we ask you do not speak to each other.

3. Your only allowed to swear and call people names if your ranting about your personal life.

4. No tolerance will be given to those who are instantly judgmental to someone. First offence is a warning, Second will be a 30 day ban.

Bureau of Bad Behavior Guidlines SamusVsSheegoth
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Bureau of Bad Behavior Guidlines
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