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 Alyseinum Xel'naros

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PlayerID: Alyseinum
Character Name: Alyseinum Xel'naros
Race: Human
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Height: 5'7''
Weight: 125lbs

Appearance: Alyseinum appears as an ordinary teenage girl, with pale white skin (due to her accustomed behavior of not setting foot outdoors too often, unless she was persuaded to by her parents), and flowing cherry blossom pink hair. In normal outfit, she dresses with a white and red military-grade uniform, complete with gold lacing and a black-ish cape of medium length with a red reverse side. Instead of military pants, she wears something similar to black sports pants. Wears a black-ish bow in her hair, thus wearing it (usually) in a single ponytail. Black military boots are her preferred footwear, and she carries a white sword with a red streak of compressed mercury running down the middle. Has slightly purple eyes.

Alignment: neutral, bounty hunter

Known languages: "English" (or however the standard language is referred to), Japanese, German

Personality: Cold and aloof sometimes on the outside, but warms up once you get to know her. Sometimes prone to hasty action in combat, but as a result learns from her experiences. Very blut and honest, somewhat sociopathic depending on the situation, or the people she is surrounded with. Very introverted, finding it hard to openly show emotion even when necessary. Very energetic.

Strengths: Was one of the tops of her class in the past, when serving in the Federation's military forces temporarily, and because of this very well-honed skills. This allows her to possess a somewhat abnormal shield regeneration rate. Possesses an abnormal gene in her gene pool which allows her to heal slightly faster (physically) than others. Compressed mercury in sword allows her to inflict severe pain on others, and her agility (also better than most), especially considering her age, makes her a hard target to track/hit. Due to military training, excels in both CQB and ranged combat.

Weaknesses: Due to a traumatic past, can be prone to nervous breakdowns. Does not possess any ranged weaponry other than her pistol, which she usually carries with a limited amount of energy packs. While her physical injuries may heal faster than most, the emotional and mental pain of anything she suffers remains, sometimes causing unnecessary/unwanted flashbacks. While very energetic and agile, can sometimes be a klutz.

Likes: Kind people, desolate places, beautiful scenery, music, sadism (when extremely into battle).

Dislikes: Anything painful, open places with lots of people.

Equipment: White Sword with Golden Hilt, containing streak of refillable compressed mercury in the center. A plasma-energy pistol that utilizes rounds similar to a 9mm, which she carries several clips for (also rechargeable). When not in formal dress, and on missions, wears a pure white energy suit.

Character history: Born to a family of prestigious military personnel in the Federation, high hopes existed for her from day one. She was raised to be very obedient and listen to whatever her parents said, and upon their wishes, entered military academy at the very young age of eight. Trained, and was known to be at the top of her class for the four/five years she was enrolled in the academy. While talented, and experiencing what many would call an excellent life, her mother was prone to several depression, inevitably committing suicide when she was only twelve. Suffered abuse from her father, emotionally traumatized and aloof to the feelings of others, after the death of her mother.

Finally sickened with the situation at home, dropped out of the academy at the age of 15, taking nothing more than her standard military outfit (albeit slightly modified to her taste) and her personal weaponry from the academy with her. Managed to make a deal with bounty hunters operating outside Federation space, off a freighter known as the Praetor. Eventually, was mistreated by the bounty hunters after repeated failures due to traumatic stress and emotional breakdowns brought on by incidents in which flashbacks of negative periods of her life would surface. Planted explosives throughout the ship, a plot which required some friendly assistance and weeks of planning, and blew up the ship while escaping herself and leaving everyone on it behind, in an escape pod. Landed on a slightly-inhabited planet, where she was taken in by a kind couple, eventually leaving their care at the age of eighteen to become an independent bounty hunter. Has met with mixed results, although mostly success, since perusing her independent career.

Suit Name: Chrysanthemum Imperial (CI-7X) Modified Custom
Suit Type: Federation Standard Officer (Modified Custom)

Weapons: A long white sword with a golden hilt, which contains compressed superheated mercury running in a streak through the middle of it. The specialized design of the sword allows the mercury, when she wills it, to seep out of the edges of the blade. Also carries a plasma pistol which utilizes clips similar to an old 9mm, and can be rechargeable if plasma energy (or something similar) is nearby. Mechanism in the pistol sets the bullets aflame as they exit the barrel. Possesses a mechanism on her modified suit which is known as the 'Crysis Core'. A last-resort mechanism that allows her to infiltrate the brainwaves of her opponent, causing the surfacing of traumatic experiences, memories, or fears/nightmares. May lead to extreme temporary emotional/mental stability of the opponent. Has a 50/50 success rate, and thus is not completely successful at all times even when used.

Shielding: Regeneration systems which are also higher than usual due to her abilities. Anti-Heat/Radiation Shielding, able to block outside elements from interfering with the suit's mechanism/life support, while converting them into energy she can use to re-fill the clips of her plasma pistol/regenerate her shields even faster.


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