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PostSubject: Terridax   Terridax Icon_minitimeTue Oct 05, 2010 1:31 am

Character name: Terridax
Player ID: Cizin
Race: Slaughterer class War Drone
Age: 4 as of Zero Mission.
Gender: None, Male Personality.
Height: 9 feet
Weight: 1,000 pounds
Appearance: Terridax is a massively built drone; being nearly half as wide as he is tall; his two arms end in wicked claws, and heavy-set head is in a hunchback position. Two Spot lights dot each of his massive rounded shoulders, and his single-eye glows white menacingly. A single cannon rests on his left shoulder; roughly the same size as Samus's Arm cannon, but is more triangular than cylindrical. The Machine is primarily painted black; though streaks of gray do appear now and again. On his back is a long retractable personal howitzer cannon called the long tom.
Terridax Sketch13_by_Aberiu

Known Languages: Binary, Space Pirate, Galactic Federation basic, Kriken, Chozo, Alimbic, Vhozon, Vik'kri'xik.
Faction/Organization: Bounty Hunter
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Personality: Terridax has a grim outlook on things and tends to be very gruff, and any jokes he does make typically are of the pitch black kind of humor. He's Cynical, but not pessimistic. He tends to be analytical.
Strengths: Extremely strong, well armed, very durable, computerized mind, chassis is compatible with power ups.
Weaknesses: Slow, socially backwards, Electrical attacks deal extra damage.
Likes: Work.
Dislikes: Unnecessary solicitation.
Equipment: Shoulder cannon, High Jump, Double Jump Thrusters, Long-tom artillery cannon, charge beam (metroid fusion version), the wide beam, diffusion beam, long beam, missiles, charge missiles, ice missiles, crusher claws, Alt Mode Mine Layer, Eight Energy Tanks, Five UA expansions, Twenty missile expansions, Varia suit, Cyrosuit.
Character History: Terridax was built four years prior to Samus Aran's famous Zero mission as part of a line of High-end War Drones that were sold across the universe to the highest bidder by the Dax Corporation. They were given Sapience to improve their combat ability; but not emotional capacity. For about a year Terridax marched into war without a stray thought until he was disabled by a group of Mercenaries named the Iron Fangs while fighting a battle against the Federation for the Kriken Empire.

Seeing his combat prowess; the Mercenaries reprogrammed him and gave him something that up to that point he had never experienced before; Non-rational thought. He was given the personality of a sergeant that the Leader of the mercenary group once served under; and for about six months; Terridax fought under their banner, growing increasingly cynical as he fought in more and more bloody and pointless wars and battles.

Eventually the Iron Fangs were single-handedly wiped out by the Space Pirate Kraid during a mission for the Federation on the planet Jagrix. The Enormous Lizard stuffed half of mercenaries in his maw and stepped on the other half, but left Terridax alone because in Kraid's words "You're not Edible, nor would I going to get much satisfaction out of killing you, so I'll let you stew in the corpses of your friends." and at that, the Saurian Space Pirate Commander left Terridax on the devastated battlefield of Jagrix; watching as Kraid greedily devoured or destroyed the remainder of the Federation Forces.

Finally, the Robot walked somberly to the Corvette of his now deceased friends, utterly disheartened. But he decided that it would be an insult to his comrades to simply give up now and self-terminate. No; he would honor their memory and continue the trade. He took the controls of the ship; rechristened the "Cannon Breaker." and took off for the galaxy at large.

For the next two and a half years; Terridax made a name for himself in the bounty hunting business; using his formidable power to rise through the Ranks of the business, fighting all across the universe and even collecting a few pieces of Chozo technology, which he was surprisingly compatible with as well as receiving many bits of Space Pirate and Gfed tech; but his deeds were rapidly eclipsed one day by the actions of Samus Aran during her famous Zero Mission, but Terridax would not be deterred.

When he heard of an invasion of the Omega-39 Plural XX sector he headed there without a second thought, managing to actually take down one of the Xik'kri'vik's splinter fleets along with a group of Elite Commandos, Mercenaries, and Bounty Hunters to allow a group of refugees to flee one of the systems; he proved to be very useful as his brute strength was capable of crushing the spindly bodies of the Vik'kri'xik with ease; bashing through their shields with pure strength.

He, two other bounty hunters, five mercenaries, and the Galactic Federation Army 07th Platoon under the command of Adam Malkovich engaged a Vik'kri'xik wearing a "Sun God" class power suit, and managed to deal the final killing blow after a long and difficult battle, tearing off the jaguar-like helmet of the power suit and crushing the Silicon based insectoid's head between his power claws, bringing the Federation of it's few victories in the Omega Sector Campaign.

As of one month after Samus's Zero Mission, Terridax is preparing for the full Xik'kri'vik assault.

Weaponry: Shoulder cannon that can be upgraded with any upgrade Samus can use. Two power claws; these power claws are capable of slicing through most any unshielded material as if they weren't there thanks to the matter disrupting energy shield around them. Even if the material is somehow protected against the disruption field; the sheer amount of strength that can be exerted through these claws will still cause a good deal of damage. He is currently equipped with the power beam, the long beam, the charge beam, the diffusion beam, the wide beam, missiles, charge missiles, ice missiles, and his unique weapon; the Long Tom Personal Artillery cannon; a retractable; slow firing weapon which lobs an large shell that affects everything caught within it's three meter blast radius as if it were hit with five super missiles, it can be charged to fire a shell five times more powerful with double the blast radius, but this eats up five shells.

Shielding: Varia suit, protects against acid and extreme radiated heat, cuts down damage by a fourth, Cyrosuit; Vik'kri'xik Technology; Defends against extreme cold (liquid oxygen temperatures) grants immunity to freezing, cuts down damage by a third.. 33% Damage Reduction.

Alt Mode:
Name: Battle Tank
Description: It appears as a three dimensional tracked trapezoid; roughly four feet wide and two feet tall with his two arm cannons on the top of the machine, his fingers are placed strategically to ward off creatures who come close, attempting to impale any that get too close for comfort.
Abilities/Weapons: Quadruple Turret; allows him to fire his main mode's guns. Impaling fingers: Attacks anything that gets within a foot of the alt-mode, roughly as powerful as a morph ball bomb. Long tom: same as above Mine Layer; drops an proximity detonated energy bomb behind him, can also be used for bomb jumps; three times as powerful as a normal morph ball bomb; but only provides an equal amount of lift due to his greater weight. Only about half as fast as the Morph Ball. Modular.

Ship Name: Cannon Breaker
Ship Type: Charybdis class Corvette
Weapon Systems: Sixteen Quadruple Hydra Anti-smallcraft turrets, Thirty two twin laser cannons, Eight Missile/Torpedo tubes, Eight double EMP cannons, eight double turbolasers, four double plasma cannons.
Attachments: Shields, hangar bay, Hyperdrive, Communication Relay, Sensor Relay, Medical bay, repair bay, ammo microfactories, stasis field room.
Registered to the Name of: Terridax.

Shipname: Gun Blazer.
Ship type: Warmonger class Gunship.
Weapon Systems: Eight Laser cannon turrets, four missile/torpedo tubes, twin energy bomb generators, two turbo laser turrets, two EMP cannons, one plasma cannon.
Attachments: Shields, Hyperdrive, Communication Relay, Sensor Relay, Personal Medical Bay, Personal Repair bay, ammo microfactories, stasis field.


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