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 Ban List

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PostSubject: Ban List   Ban List Icon_minitimeSun Nov 21, 2010 1:26 pm

Here are the following people who have broken the rules and whatnot and got themselves banned. I will list the user and then what they did to get banned.

1. Pup64 - Banned for being a complete asshole and not obeying the rules.
2. heroisthai - Banned for advertising through their signature and not doing a good job at acting like they wanted to be part of the site.
3. KajolThappar - Banned for posts that were too suspicious to be actual characters and whatnot, looking more like advertisements than anything.
4. Metroid's Girl - AKA Pup64 trying to get back on the site through another account.
5. Armando - I believe this was Pup64 making another attempt to get back on the site through another account.
6. chuongtk - Advertising.
7. XREDXR - Advertising.
8. innkeeper67 - Blatant advertisement.
9. zhoufuqu - spambot


Ban List 4362947Ban List 328738Ban List 4363097

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Ban List
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