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 Hiraito Kilepura

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Hiraito Kilepura
Hiraito Kilepura

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PostSubject: Hiraito Kilepura   Hiraito Kilepura Icon_minitimeSat Jan 10, 2009 6:59 am

Player ID: Hiraito Kilepura or Rildok
Character name: Hiraito Tochinazuma Kilepura
Race: human
Age: 22
Gender: male
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 225
Appearance: A strongly built man with dark red hair. His eyes are a dark reddish brown and has a diagonal scar on the section around his left eye.
Known Languages: English, Japanese (his name is all Japanese words put together, last name being a Japanese version of the last name of one of my bestest friends)
Faction: Bounty Hunter
Alignment: Good
Personality: loves blowing stuff up and upgrading his suit whenever possible, sarcastic, antsy, trigger happy, pyro, his bite's worse than his bark, a little shy towards cute girls
Strengths: skilled in combat due to experience, highly experienced with demolitions, pure brute strength
Weaknesses: over confidence, over kills almost everything, only perceptive on the battle in front of him giving a chance for snipers
Likes/Dislikes: blowing stuff up, turning space pirates into nothing but ash, Lillian Greenfield / stuff not blowing up, sneaking around
Equipment: various high explosives
Character History: How he got his experimental modified plasma beam, told in character:

Operation Plasma Swipe
Location: Elysia

It was one of the first missions I was on. I was young, and a bit stupid. It's how I got my hands on this fine piece of tech that allows me to fry my enemies to ash. It was on a floating platform on Elysia where the Space Pirates had a small research lab. They were working on an enhanced version of their plasma beam that they had reverse engineered from Samus's plasma beam that was Chozo technology. I tell ya, I almost didn't make it out alive. That how I got this scar across my face, almost got my eye. Anyway, on with the story. Me and my brother were psyched to raid a Space Pirate lab, and get something good possibly. As we came in, that was the first of our problems. They spotted our ship and opened fire. My brother was manning the helm so we decided to just drop me off somewhere close to the lab. I got my power beam, my Federation issued rifle, and a few demolitions charges and we got closer. I decided not to put my helmet on, young stupidity I tell you. We saw an opening on the platform and I made the jump. The landing wasn't the best, but I made it on the platform in one piece. My brother then opened communications with me while he dodged and struck back. I set a charge n the wall and took cover. The charge set off and I now had a make-shift door. Peering inside with both guns raised and ready, I see a few pirate troopers against he other wall in the hallway. It seemed like I timed it well, caught the suckers in he blast. I walked to the next door, the tension was unbearable, not knowing if a battalion of pirates were waiting for me. The charge the power beam and open the door to see three pirate troopers. I took 'em by surprise and blasted one in the face with the charged power beam and I unloaded my rifle on another. The third one jumped to the side while the one taking hits from the rifle also jumps to the side, and they were ready for a fight. They opened fire, and I'll tell you their aim wasn't the best. They hit me a few times until I dispatched the one I hit with the rifle. Then things got interesting. Another door within that room opened and in comes a hunched over Space Pirate with more armor on than usual. It didn't look like a pirate commando, but it must have been some experimental commando of some sort, armed with an arm cannon and razor sharp claws. It's armor always ended with some sort of point, even the armor on it's head came to a point. I wasn't scared, but I was a bit stunned. I began to open fire on me, and the other one also still on me. I fall back behind the door I came in and hide behind the small section of wall that wasn't the door. I had the think quickly, otherwise I'd wind up dead. As I thought, I came up with a perfect solution. I take a charge and I set it on the rifle, setting the time for 10 seconds. I wait until it reaches 5 and I turn around the corner and open fire on both of 'em. When the timer got down to 2, I threw the rifle at the new pirate and get back in cover. I think I hit it right in the head, and then BOOM! The blast shook the entire platform at least a little bit I reckon. I turn around to see the trooper against the wall and the other one in the other room, on the ground not moving. I walk into the other room where the pirate lay and find out it was my destination. The room was empty besides me and the pirate. In the center of the room was a glowing object, not sure the shape, but it glowed a fiery red. I walk up to one of the panels and scan it for information. It says that the pirates had just finished the final stages of development of the "Enhanced Plasma Beam." I pressed a button and it opened the small containment room. I walk in and take the object and put it next to my arm cannon. It instantly reacted and fused with it, changing it into another beam. It looked fairly similar to Samus's plasma beam, but slightly different. I walk out examining the new beam and I think I saw the pirate shift a little. This is one of the mistakes I made. I walk up to it and look closer only to have the pirate lash out and slice my face, almost getting my eye. I yell in pain as the pirate get up and bashes me through the glass of the containment room. Damn was that sucker strong. I get up, my body now aching from the brunt of his attack. I spit out some blood while charging the new plasma beam and I let 'em have it when he jumped into the room. He was taken aback, but not out. I started to unload the plasma beam on the bastard ass, and eventually he went down. In his dying act, he alerts the rest of the pirates that I was their, and I then finished him off. Sirens blared throughout the platform. I receive a message from my brother to get out of there. I was in no condition to disagree. I quickly made my way back to the drop point after setting my last charge on the panel that had all the information on the project, and my brother pulled in close with the ship. From the door I made pirate troopers poured in as I struggled to get in the ship while trying to avoid their shots. When I got in the ship we quickly pulled away and we got out of there. I bet my little present left their plans in shambles, cause we saw a flash when the charge went off. My brother had enough time to deal with any pirate fighters that came his way. I had to go to the hospital and get patched up with all the cuts and a few broken ribs. It took a few weeks for me to get well. Well that's my story, I hope you enjoyed hearing it. Cause I ain't gonna repeat myself.

Suit Name: EPS-142
Suit Type: customarily modified battle suit with advanced arm cannon with experimental cartridge system
-> experimental modified plasma beam (default beam)
-> light beam (post fusion)
-> dark beam (post fusion)
-> annihilator beam (post fusion)
-> dark plasma beam (post fusion)
--> Inferno Implosion - After a certain distance it causes a ball of flames about 10 meters in diameter burst from the center, but it does not cause things inside to be thrown out, which is followed by whatever was in the explosion being sucked into a black hole that's fiery red. Though it is slow and can be dodged, too bad for the slow people. (post fusion)
-> Plasma Buster - The attack used when he uses his cartridge system when his arm cannon is in normal form.
-> Plasma Smasher - The attack used when he uses his cartridge system when his arm cannon is in alt form.
-> Full Salvo Plasma Assault - A variation of his full salvo attack but uses super plasma missiles that has homing capabilities. He must load a cartridge to use this attack.
-> charge shot
-> charged multi-shot
-> plasma missiles
-> Full Salvo - Shoots his missiles in rapid succession, but loses any homing capability.
-> super plasma missiles
-> Sonic Boom - The super missile variant of the annihilator beam
-> energy claws (on hands)
-> Advanced plasma energy sword (stored in his back, post fusion)
-> Combat
-> Thermal
-> Scan
-> Hacking (Post Fusion)
-> basic energy shielding
-> advanced heat shielding
-> hazard shielding
Hiraito Kilepura HiraitoKilepura

Plasma Energy Sword Description:
Hiraito Kilepura PlasmaSword

Cartridge System Description:
The cartridge system loads a cartridge into his arm cannon and releases explosive power. He can only get one shot out of each cartridge unless he loads more, but between the time he loads the cartridge and the time he fires, it puts a heavy strain on his suit and his body. He must wait a while before loading another cartridge unless he uses more, then the wait time is increased. He is limited to 4 cartridges until he gets more from the ship.

-> Normal Mode - normal mode with normal combat abilities
-> Shin Plasma Mode (post fusion) - experimental mode where it increases physical abilities and enhances potency of weaponry, basically it's his own version of hyper mode. Must be activated by voice command, "Bring down thy wrath, Shin Plasma Form." His suit will reply, "Plasma Drive" and his suit will emanate a red aura while in this mode.

Ship Name: The Pursuer
Ship Type: Small War Freighter
Weapon Systems:
-> 2 Heavy Laser Cannons
-> 2 Laser Cannons
-> 1 Missile Launcher
Weapon Systems Post Fusion:
-> 2 Heavy Plasma Cannons
-> 2 Slipstream Cannons
-> 1 Plasma Missile Launcher
-> grapple beams in the front and bottom of the ship
-> cloaking and stealth field
Registered to the Names of: Hiraito Kilepura and Ryo Kilepura
Hiraito Kilepura Pursuer2
Hiraito Kilepura PursuerInterior2
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Hiraito Kilepura
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