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 Jaez Ti`zeal

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PostSubject: Jaez Ti`zeal   Jaez Ti`zeal Icon_minitimeMon Dec 06, 2010 1:03 pm

Player ID: Kuluvwen

Character name: Jael Ti`zeal

Race: Chozo

Age: 3000 terran years

Gender: Male

Height: 7'1"

Weight: 220 Lbs

Appearance: A tall clearly aged Chozo, His fitness is almost par to those many millennia younger than him. being Very tall and skinny like many Chozo like him. He doesn't look a day over a thousand.

Known Languages: Common, Chozo, Luminoth along with many of the other species he's interacted with in the known galaxy!

Faction/Organization: Bounty hunter

Alignment: Good

Personality: Typically that of a wistful old man remembering the past though he might be forgetful of what he is doing at the moment and may lead one to think the old birds gone senile(an act?). He will gladly spend hours if not days sharing his wisdom with those he would consider fledglings(at his age thats a vast majority that he meets).

Strengths: Wisdom,Old age and treachery when called for,Vast experience collected through his many years,The ability to wait until most of his foes hurk over from old age.

Weaknesses: Slow to act might spend to much time considering the choices before him. Prehaps too forgiving of the young (again thats a BIG group). uncaring of politics and more for the principle of things

Likes:Sharing his vast wisdom.Teaching the young, Matching wits against a suitable foe, A challenge mentally, physically, spiritually he cannot pass a chance to better some one within reason.

Dislikes: Petty challenges, Impulsive idiots,cowards,dullards, Disrespectful youngsters, Watching the galaxy fall to piece because of mismanagement, The genocide and exploitation of an innocent race doing only what they are meant to do naturally (Metroids)

History: Jeal is one of the VERY few Chozo elders still around (though he won't let onto the fact he is an elder). Though a bounty hunter by trade it takes more than credits for him to accept a mission usually a good arrangement of WHY he sound do a mission as credits is part of the price. Once he accepts your mission as good and worth while he'll then charge an hefty fee to make sure it's that important. As one can guess he doesn't take that many missions as few employers will want to justify their hard spent credits.

When asked about chozo technology he'll suddenly forget where he is in time and become the senile old bird again (an act?). However if asked about any other facet of chozo life he'll be quite the source of information!. Also fancing himself as a historian,artist among other things soldier and bounty hunter seems to come in rather low on his list of things.

Equipment: Chozo enruned sword, Type X0-21 Custom Battle suit, Books,literature,art, Some odd jewelry, AK 147 battle rife, MGL 108 Cannon grenade launcher, Prototype energy projected riot shield

Suit Name: Type XO-21
uit Type: Close range assault suit The suit is built with speed and maneuverability in mind. Mini thrusts dot the suit to give short spurts of speed when dodging. Also Jael made an advanced speed boost much like the one Samas Aran has so he can close distance quickly to enter melee with cytax. However it isn't above him to sit back and bombard strong enemies with a volley or two of grenades before engaging the booster to close

Weaponry: AK 147 battle rifle Single shot, 3,5,10 point burst, fully automatic 9.21mm rounds full metal jacket 80 round extended clip. effective range 2000m maximum range 3500m

MGL 108 Cannon grenade launcher Medium support weapon, Capable of loading a verity of different shells HE, AP, Plasma, EMP, Napalm, Cryogenic, Smoke, gas, Range 5 miles indirect fire with spotter, Not very effective against flying or fast moving targets.

Cytax: This is a very large stone sword he crafted and with Chozo stone working he made it near unbreakable Blue lines and chozo ruins pulse through it's length. The edges are sharp enough to rend even the mightiest of Chozo stone golems.

Shielding: Prototype projected riot shield: this is a full length 7 foot by 3 foot wide shield however it blocks fire both ways and must be interposed to be effective. Sustained heavy weapons will cripple the shield in a few hits while most small arms will bounce off

Alt Form Name: Ascended elder
Description: in this form he appears as a specter of his body he cannot sustain this form long without giving up all his mortal ties
Abilities/Weapons: Partial invisibility energy blasts as seen in Metroid prime

Ship Name: Old feather
Ship Type: Corvette Frigate
Weapon Systems: 4 Turret mount heavy laser cannons, 2 MML bays, 1 nose mounted Artifact beam (think the laser beam that killed Ridley but on a corvette frigate scale)

Attachments: Living section (room for 15), fighter bay (room for four),Study lounge,

Registered to the Name of: Jaez Ti`zeal


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Jaez Ti`zeal
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