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 Jill Valentine

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Jill Valentine is A bounty hunter who was frozen at the age of 14 after being infected with the second coming of the plague, and was unfrozen about 8 years after the attack on K-2L. After thinking her foster father, Adrian Shepard, Was killed in combat, She lived of of his life insurance for 2 years, until life smacked her in the face and she was out of money. In an act of desperation, she became a bounty hunter and took mission for the Galactic Federation. The rest of Jill's History is unconfirmed and under revision by the characters owner, Toasty.

Mission History

Her exact history as a bounty hunter and what missions she went on where defiantly unclear, but is known as a fact that she had gone on at least 5 missions in total. the earliest one being listed first, but not in exact chronological order.

This history may change over time as our people find more information on Jill Valentine, but until then, the only conformed missions she had went on where

The Federal attack on Aliehs III known as the "Dark Crusade"
lead by General Sturnn of the Galactic Federation Army
with other known appearances by people important to the history of the Universe,
Lillian Greenfield
Captain James Charon
Corporal Hemata
Talon Aran
Brutus Artorimus
Kisa Rikuya

[Logs of event]

[Extended data to be added soon]

The Invasion of a Pirate Prison on The Pirate Homeworld
lead by Jill Valentine, Bounty Hunter
with other known appearances by people important to the history of the Universe,

[Logs of event]

[Extended data to be added soon]

Meeting History

It is known that during Jill Valentine's life time, she meet,

Adrian Shepard
Samuel Redford
Frank Harrigan
Ryo Kilepura
General Sturnn
Lillian Greenfield
Samus Aran
[More to be added soon]

Misc. Info

Race: Human

Age: 14 as of Freezing/Unfrozen
18 as of Santego Military Base event
20 as of Bounty Hunter
24 as of The "Grey Fox" Project
25 as of Completion and success of the "Grey Fox" Project
26 as of Murder of Adrian Shepard/"Grey Fox"

Gender: Female


5'5 at 14
5'9 at 20


100 at 14
120 at 20

Known Languages: All Earth Spoken Languages

Extra Links

[Character Page]
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Jill Valentine
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