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 Adrian Shepard

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Adrian Shepard was a member of the Galactic Federation Military until he was send to a mission to stop a pirate invasion on a Science&Military base on Earth. He was the presumed KIA by the Galactic Federation. The rest of Adrian's History is unconfirmed and under revision by the characters owner, Toasty.

Mission History

Adrian's mission history is completely unknown except for his mission in the Santego Military Base on Earth.

Meeting History

It is known that during Adrian Shepard's life time, he meet,

Jill Valentine
Frank Harrigan
Samuel Redford
[More to be added soon]

Misc. Info

Race: Human

Age: 18 he enlisted in the Galactic Federations HECU
22 as of attack on K-2L/first picture
30 as of the un-freezing of Jill Valentine
34 as of Santego Military Base event
39 second picture
40 as of Death/the "Grey Fox" Project
41 as of Rebirth/Completion and success of the "Grey Fox" Project
42 as of Death by Murder from Jill Valentine

Gender: Male

Height: 6'3

Weight: 140

Known Languages: All Earth Spoken Languages

Extra Links

[Character Page]
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Adrian Shepard
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