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 SgtMjr Samuel Redford

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Samuel Redford

Samuel Redford

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PostSubject: SgtMjr Samuel Redford   SgtMjr Samuel Redford Icon_minitimeThu Dec 16, 2010 10:26 pm


Samuel Redford has been a soldier since shortly after his 18th birthday. He has worked his way up in class and rank with exceptional skills as a marksman, tactician, and warrior. He has seen several combat missions, several more reconnaissance, and even more missions of varying tasks. During his tour alongside Adrian Shepard, presumed to be KIA, he and Adrian met the frozen Jill Valentine, who had been cryogenically preserved for curing of the Plague, a disease that had ravaged the human race during her time. After that point, Adrian Shepard adopted the girl and raised her as his own until he was reported KIA. Life became quite different for both Samuel and Jill from that point on, because Samuel was required to report to Jill the events that led to Adrian's death. Of the missions completed in his life one had never been harder to complete.


Samuel has been on many missions, but only three are currently documented. Document is currently open to expansion.

Current list of Missions in chronological order, as of 12/16/10:

1. (Unofficial) Planetary defense of X-52; success
2. Presentation of death certificate and medals of Adrian Shepard to only living successor, Jill Valentine; success
3. Information relay to Norion and AU 217 on Elysia, Mission logs recorded here; success


Members who contain information on record have been linked to archived files.

People known to affiliate with SgtMjr Redford, as of 12/16/10:

Adrian Shepard
Jill Valentine
Samus Aran
Admiral Dane


Age upon enlistment: 18
Age upon discovery of Jill Valentine: 25
Age upon death of Adrian Shepard: 29
Age upon rank promotion to SgtMjr: 32
Current age: 34

Weight: 165 lbs/ 74.84 kg
Height: 5'10"


Biography logs, Samuel Redford
Biography logs, Jill Valentine
Biography logs, Adrian Shepard
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PostSubject: Re: SgtMjr Samuel Redford   SgtMjr Samuel Redford Icon_minitimeFri Feb 04, 2011 6:57 am

Character Accepted!

Please wait for your character page to be uploaded to the GFD...

Upload Complete!

Press any key to close...

(if you want to update your page, update the original post in this thread and reply to this thread or PM me, also, I could use another person to help me with the archive, Interested?)
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SgtMjr Samuel Redford
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