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 General Sturnn (412th Federation Regiment)

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General Sturnn (412th Federation Regiment) Empty
PostSubject: General Sturnn (412th Federation Regiment)   General Sturnn (412th Federation Regiment) Icon_minitimeFri Dec 17, 2010 4:28 am

General Info
General Sturnn originally came from a small federation controlled moon known as Victory IIV (Or Victory Bay) and was transported back to earth to be raised in safety along with other due to an impeding invasion by Heretics and Rebels in the recent Horus Rebellion. 10 years after Sturnn now a young cadet within the Alpha Legions of the 412th Alpharian Commandment returned to see his native planet in ruins and currently under re-development.
5 years after, Sturnn now corporal of Alpharian Legionaires was posted on the Battleship Olympus and under the full of Employ of Petty Officer Dane. From time to time Sturnn would find himself in situations deadly for any other Non commissioned officer to stay calm in and others that had proven difficult even for him.
Now a General, Sturnn took over his homeworld Victory IIV and renamed it Victory Bay. He also took control of all the forces there and amassed them into one big regiment known only as the 412th Federation Regiment. Battle after battle ended in only a victory for Sturnn's troops which rightfully earned the right for Sturnn to call his homeworld Victory Bay especially through defensive victories from Space Pirates.

However there were times when battles ended in disaster for everyone involved most notably would be the attack on Aliehs III, Not much is known about this tragic battle partly due to burning of historical records to hide the truth although Sturnn mentions that Project 'Omega' was somehow involved.

Involvment with other characters
Although interaction with others such as Samus or Frank Harrigan was kept to a minimum there were time when the co-operation with them was needed except for Frank Harrigan who Sturnn has a particular disdain for. The most times he has been alongside others was in the Dark Crusade such as Jill Valentine or Val'Strum although they would hate him for his actions on Aliehs III (I wont release the actual details until that particular mission is finished). Much is to say upon death he will remember all who fought alongside him.
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General Sturnn (412th Federation Regiment) Empty
PostSubject: Re: General Sturnn (412th Federation Regiment)   General Sturnn (412th Federation Regiment) Icon_minitimeFri Feb 04, 2011 7:01 am

Character Accepted!

Please wait for your character page to be uploaded to the GFD...

Upload Complete!

Press any key to close...

(if you want to update your page, update the original post in this thread and reply to this thread or PM me)
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General Sturnn (412th Federation Regiment)
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