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 Garrett (no sir name identified)

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Garrett (no sir name identified)  Empty
PostSubject: Garrett (no sir name identified)    Garrett (no sir name identified)  Icon_minitimeFri Dec 17, 2010 12:38 pm

Player ID:motro

Character name:Garrett

Race:human (besides his ocular enhancement)

Age:24 (at time of pic)


Height:5" 10'


Appearance: Garrett (no sir name identified)  Garret11

Known Languages:english, and space pirate (both fluently)

Organization:360th rebelion (i have permision from toasty)


Personality:sarcastic, witty

Strengths:stealth, hand-to-hand combat

Weaknesses:long range combat

Likes/Dislikes: money/pain

Equipment:pair of small vibration knifes, smoke grenades, invisibility matrix (prevents unfired and x-ray beams as well as visible light to bend around my suit... only works when i move very slowly and curl myself into a ball) and a contractable arm lazer (very weak but can retract into a arm band ((its the one in the picture)))

Character History:lived in the slums of earth for most of his life untill he became fed up with it. he started stealing to survive. unfortunatly it couldnt pay the billls as well as he wanted and so he turned to bounty hunting. as a bounty hunter he could use his skills of stealth and dextarity that had come with thiefing to kill prime pirate targets. he did this until he met jill, she pitched an ideal that he agreed with. he decided to join the rebelion and he fought in a major battle that ended project "estare"


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Garrett (no sir name identified)
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