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 John Smith

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Player ID: John Smith
Character name: Maj. John Smith ((Code Name: Kyon (Irish origins meaning young warrior)))
Race: Human
Age: 19
Age (in relativity): 19 as of when Jill Valentine was 20
13 as of unfreezing of Jill Valentine
5 as of K-2L attack
Gender: Male
Height: 6'3
Weight: 160
Appearance: John Smith 2w69b49
Known Languages: English
Faction: GFSF (Galactic Federation Space Force)
Organization: SOS Space Force (Similar to Coast Guard, but in space)
Rank: Major (Maj)
Alignment: Good
Personality: Calm, Cool, and Ordinary (for the most part)
Strengths: Swift Lerner/High Charisma
Weaknesses: Young&Inexperienced/horrible in ground combat
Equipment: Federation Standard Issue Pistol
Character History:

General Information

John Smith is a Major in the Galactic Federation Space Force who has a family history of every first born son joining the GF military in any of its branches, but he was the first to become an officer.

Early Life

John was born into a rich family, with his father being the owner and CEO of one of the biggest mining corporations of there time. Coincidently, his father company happened to be the one looking over Earth Colony K-2L before the years of the pirate raid and its abandoning. It is even rumored that John went with his dad to the surface of the planet 2 days after the attack to take analysis of damage done to the planet and in the end saved Adrian Shepard and few other survivors, but this was never confirmed. Though being born with the world given to him, John worked hard to try and make the best out of himself he could. The Galactic Federation Space Force and newly formed Hazardous Environment Combat Unit both offered him scholarships, upon which choice he picked the Space Force over the HECU. At the age of 17 he was sent to the academy to learn the basics of flying a combat ship, and command small crews. (though still not old enough to server in the Galactic Federation Military.)

Military Training

During his early training, John showed his outstanding potential as a leader, but not so much as a single craft pilot. His commanding officers chose to move him to the officers program after only 2 weeks of basic training (This is almost unheard of). He had made his way from an Airman Basic (AB) to Second Lieutenant (2nd Lt) in a single day process of moving him to the officers program, still at the age of 17 (Still not old enough to server in combat). Many of his new pears, much older them him , normally at the age of 30 or older, in the same program as him saw it as a joke that they let a kid with no combat experience was in the same program as them and was given a lot of flack from them for it. Despite the pressure from his pears and challenge ahead of him, John persevered. I had finished the the program, putting his name down in history books as not only the youngest officer even in the Galactic Federation Space Force, but also as the record holder for the fasted person to ever complete the GFSF's officers training program, still only at the age of 17. After competing the GFSF's officer program, he was promoted to the rank of First Lieutenant (1st Lt), but was unable to server in the line of duty until he turned 18 on his birthday 2 months from them. The GFSF offered to let him return home for 2 months, but he declined the offer and asked to take the officers program again. He was able to beat his record in time to complete the program, and earned 2 new records. He was the only officer in the history of the Galactic Federation to take the officers program twice and the only First Lieutenant that has never served in combat.

Military History

The day after John turned 18 he was promoted to the rank of Captain (Capt) and put into a new sub-branch of the military being run by the GFSF known as SOS. SOS would come to be known as the equivalent of the modern day coast guard, but in space. John was given command of Galactic Federation Battleship (1 of only 25 in service) named "Starship Alexander" and over 15000 other ships and fighters in his fleet. John served for a year in the GFSF's SOS branch, preventing pirates from smuggling weapons and was also rumored to server in the Santiago Military Base event before he turned 18, though this was never conformed.

Current History

Though never confirmed to fight in a single battle of the war, John was promoted to the rank of Major (Maj) at the age of 19 and became a legend throughout all branches of the Galactic Federation Military, earning him the nickname, "Peace Walker".

[No Power Suit]

[No Alt Forms]

Ship Name: Starship Alexandra ((Feminine form of Greek Alexandros, meaning "defender of mankind."))
Ship Type: Galactic Federation Battleship
Weapon Systems: x1 LOIC ((Low Orbit Ion Cannon) Has enough power to split a planet in half (x6 shots in 1 cylinder, can be reloaded) Heavy cool down time)), x100+ Combat Drones, x1000+ Nuclear Missles, x100 HFL Turrents on each side of the ship (High Frequency Lazar), x50+ Anti-Fighter Turrents
Attachments: [None/Factory/GFSF Default]
Appearance: John Smith 2m9rtw


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John Smith
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