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 Agent I-82B

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PostSubject: Agent I-82B   Agent I-82B Icon_minitimeSat Mar 28, 2009 7:05 am

Player ID: Xantospoc

Character name: Many, as he often makes 'em up, some of the most known are “Nix”, “Chaos Monger”, “Nihil”, “Abyss” or “Night-mind”. He forgot his first name in the process, but he likes to call himself as “Xanny”. The Federation calls him "Agent I-82B" (pronounced ‘I hate to be’)

Race: Humanoid from the planet Fleud

Age: 24 Earth years old (actually 16 Fleudian years)

Gender: Male, but voice distortion makes him sound to be genderless (his asexuality doesn't help either)

Height: 5 feet and 6 inches

Weight: 69 kg..

Appearance: His true appearance is that of a slender human teenager with black eyes, red hair and an unnaturally pale skin. Very few knows it

Faction/Organization: Federation, but he often acts as a Mole for other factions.

Alignment: Good

Personality: At first sight, his personality is antithetic to the one of bounty hunter: he is friendly and kind, nearly naïve and goofy, and he has some hesitation about killing. Yet, because of his traumatic experience with Sylux, “Xanny” is mentally unstable. He is a pathological liar (He often tells about himself Marty Stu-like stories, all lies!). and has kleptomaniac complex. He also tends to react almost unpredictably when he hears Sylux’s name. Anyway, he is kind of a coward, and he would rather escape than die (so he can get revenge). He get out of the armor only once per month to have a shower. He think of himself as an hero, but he is actually cut off by others because of his quirks. His desire is to defeat Sylux and Samus (the latter just to prove he is badass, otherwise he has a great respect for her).
He is often frustrated to know about the skills of his colleagues, as he fear the Sylux trauma could happen again.

Strengths: Ranged Combat, Good Pilot, Efficent Strategist, Incredibibly excellent liar (enough to be able to decieve lie detectors)

Weaknesses: Hand to hand combat, teamwork, being incredibly moody (if he is in a bad day, he may even lose to a Zoomer), not very trust-inducing, QUIRKY

Likes: Technology, Stealth, explosive, deciving others, Samus, stuff blowing up, cooking
Dislikes: being decived, Silux, hypocrites, Silux, other bounty hunters, Silux, battles

Equipment: What he has stolen at the moment

Character History: Since when he was a kid, Xanny’s showed an interst for mechanic. He loved to disassemble his toys and reassemble it in bigger and better ones. When he was 14 Fleudian years old (which are roughly 21 Earth years), his father told him about how babies were born and how it is beautiful seeing them going by themselves toward their path they build. The same day, Xanny got kicked out of home to get a job.
He soon found one as a clerk in a technology shop and eventually got enough money to have a store on his own. Unfortunately, he had problems with the local mob, who forced him to take desperate measures: to hire a bounty hunter to get rid of them, namely Sylux. The story diverges at the moment he had to pay it ((OOC: I refer to Sylux as “it”)).

Claimed Story: He claims to have bested it and he felt such a good feeling he decided to become a bounty hunter to fell this sensation again.

True Version: Actually, he was imprisoned by Sylux in its ship, and got such a bad beating from it (bordering psychological torture) he was forced to fake death to get Sylux to drop him through the trash pod. That was the first time he made a convincing lie, which convinced him to keep decieving others. Still, he has been craving revenge since that moment.

He first attempted to learn martial art, but he was too unstable and too obsessed to keep practicing, so he quit, applying himself only on studying pressure points. During a trip on a planet, Xanny lied about paying a check. A Federation Officer noticed his lie, and ‘arrested’ him. Actually, he recruited him to join under to serve community and use his skills for a greater good. Xanny, hoping he could gain something from it, accepted. He was the first to wear he Serie G-Atom 097 suit, as a beta tester. While the project got discarded due of its impracticalness (none could control the electrical shock), he decided to keep it because of its chameleonic abilities and being full body. He has done since then five mission, all of them successful.

A thing he is unaware of is that the suit contain hidden cameras who allows Federation Officers to keep him in check, to avoid him to betray them

Suit Name: G-Atom 097


Suit Type: Combat-Stealth
Instead of the Paralyzing beam, he has a Prototype Suit from the Federation (Serie G-Atom 097). It is made of three two layers. The first one is a metallic liquid who give the suit flexibility and chameleonic abilities, the deafault color is white and black. The second layer is a white pirate-like exoskeleton, who is quite resistant. At contact, the suit can give electrical shocks which are implemented by the kinetic energy accumulated: more Xanny move/he’s moved, more the shocks are powerful. On the top, there is a wig like tool, who is actually a set of razor sharp tentacles. At the start it is not very powerful (it has the same properties of the Paralyzing beam), but more he raises of level, the more the suit is powerful (as of level 15, it starts giving minor damages). Under this, he wears a dark blue zero suit.

Extra_ the ships he stole are registered to the Name of: Vincent Lasagna (who is he? None has any idea!)
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Agent I-82B
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