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 Amu J. A. Tranfa

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PostSubject: Amu J. A. Tranfa   Amu J. A. Tranfa Icon_minitimeThu May 05, 2011 8:13 am

Player ID: Amu
Character name: Amu Tranfa
Race: Human
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 132 lb.

Amu J. A. Tranfa 24guv

When not in battlesuit or combat: White sleeveless spandex top with a blue jean vest that clasps in the front, is midriff and covers his chest; pair of navy-blue short-shorts held up by a black buckled belt, a pair of black skintight socks underneath grey and blue ankle-high boots. Has orangish-amber/dirty-blonde hair that hangs down to his neck, and a pair of sharp cerulean eyes. Has an athletic figure and athletic light tan complexion.

Known Languages: English, Chozo
Faction/Organization: Freelance Bounty Hunter / Ship Engineer
Alignment: Good
Personality: Tomboyish and headstrong, fun-loving and, in his own little way, down-to-earth when it gets serious
Strengths: Can be quite the tactician as well as headstrong, and never gives up
Weaknesses: In terms of battle or combat, concussive blasts. When his projects fail expectations.
Likes/Dislikes: Challenges, food, athletic activities / Perverted men, letdowns, party-poopers
Other: N/A

Casual form: Comms headset w/ eye-covering monitor for visual analyzing work, emergency pistol that would unfold from the top to reveal a bluish-green elongated energy blade reaching up to 8 inches

Battlesuit: Thrusters on back and soles of boots, left modular projectile gauntlet, VH modular blade

Character History: During reign of intergalatic supremacy, wars raged on. Colonies were raided for supplies, their occupants slaughtered or captured. The Galactic Federation were in conflict with numerous encounters with alien predators called Space Pirates, all leading their entourages under the command of a bio-organic entity on a lone Chozo planet, SR388. This entity, Mother Brain, not only would lead the Space Pirates along with a space dragon by the name of Ridley, but also telepathically communicate with energy-siphoning creatures of Chozo design called Metroids.

During this era of strife and temporal peace of what time would be saved between battles, K-2L was not the only colony to be raided, for another was in the same, horrific fashion. This colony, V-3B, was the home of another chosen one by the name of Amu Tranfa. After the attack by Space Pirates, unlike Samus who had escaped without a scratch save for small burns by the fires, Amu was injured rather badly on his chest as he suffered from a scrape from a stray Space Pirate pulse that luckily missed him mostly.

This one boy was taken in by a different group of the Chozo, and rather instead of given a modular Power Suit armed with an equally-modular arm cannon, he was given a more versatile armour with a Chozo-crafted blade of lore.

With this boost to his own organic existence, and added emphasis on living by the sword, he had set off to join a small brigade of bounty hunters rather than the Galatic Police and Federation. Months later, Amu had left the group after they had begun to take advantage of their seemingly-harmless size to commit crime, and became a bounty hunter unto himself. And it is here where his story truly begins...

Only applies if character has a battle suit.
Suit Name: V-13 Raider
Suit Type: Modular compact-armoured battlesuit
Weaponry: VH-99 (VariableHex Type-99) modular blade

Only applies it character has an alt form. (Now remember, alt form technology is very advanced. Not even the space pirates know how to successfully use it.)
Alt Form Name: Bladeroller
Description: Shifting into this form as opposed to Samus' Morphball form, Bladeroller is also a rolling form, though relies upon close proximity for attacking as explained in "Abilities/Weapons".

ArcDivider: Rather than laying a bomb upon command, a gyrating blade of light energy would orbit the Bladeroller in a focused path that can be adjusted should the need arise.

GyroCopter: If spun fast enough, the disembodied blade could double as a temporal version of a helicopter blade, allowing for slower falling speed and slightly faster aerial speed, though due to the weight of the sphere and size of the blade, ascension is negatory unless assisted by upward vents.

Only applies if character has their own ship.
Ship Name: ARMA-064
Ship Type: Courier/anti-pirate hybrid (used for transportation of various materials for deliveries, with gunship-class weaponry for defense)
Weapon Systems: Air-to-land/air missiles x4, two on each side; rear-facing
Attachments: Modular cloaking, 5,000 lb. tether cable, internal warp drive
Registered to the Name of: Amu Tranfa

Mainframe CPU and AI:


Amu J. A. Tranfa 1sm4np

* The terminal for Neptune is stored in the ship's central motherboard as well as processor.

-Operation System (OS):

Conversational Operations: A.I. Model Neptune

It provides various complex support functions via an autonomous A.I. Even a simple auditory command will cause it to automatically configure advanced network settings.

the longer you and the machine work together and communcate, the more it will adapt to your preferences and carry out your requests with minimal error.

* A.I. Model Neptune was made to emulate a real human as accurately as possible. It is always energetic and optimistic, but this configuration may be difficult to control at times. Please maintain patience with it.

The Sixth Generation Multi-BIOS Chip (512.16THz~)

Features multiple split-core processors and circuitry setups mimicking the precise functions of human DNA.

* Please be careful with the following:
(1) Do not try to raise the clock frequency with supplemental overclocking drugs.
(2) The more software gets activated, the better the circuitry will acclimate. There is a possibility osome redundant tasks may stop being processed even if they were upon initial boot.

8TB x 16
Processor Memory: The Sixth Generation Neuron Memory (120gn)

*There are 1,200,000,000 nervous memory functions embedded in each split-core processor unit.

-Graphic Accelerator:
SFHD - X7250 GPU

Direct image output compatible.

8PB x 4

There are four independent drives which constantly back one another up for minimal data loss and frequent disk defragmenting. A total of thirty-two perabytes of storage space is available.

-Media Drive:
Embedded with Quad PRD (Purple-Ray Disc) Drive

Plays 4D games, audio, and movies, with the ability to simultaneously record them. You can play multi-disc games without replacing discs.

Features self auto-recharging unit (50-year warranty)

*You can use the extra power remaining during Stand-by Mode and apply it to your household appliances.


With the Play Configuration, it's able to output information such as movies and music databases, and even tickle you.


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Amu J. A. Tranfa
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