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 Alexander Stormwright

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PostSubject: Alexander Stormwright   Alexander Stormwright Icon_minitimeSat Jul 02, 2011 9:14 pm

Player ID: Sharpshot 2010

Character Name: Alexander Stormwright
Age: as of Zero Mission: 20, As of Fusion: 26
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 279 pounds
Appearance: Hispanic ethnicity, Dark brown hair, electric blue eyes, athleticly inclined.
Uniform is a casual set of tactical pants, a gray t-shirt, long socks, and sneakers. Not to mention glasses.

Known languages: Common (American) English. Sometimes utilizes a universal translator
Faction: Galactic Federation although shows interest in bounty hunters
Alignment: Good
Personality: intelligent young man who puts the thoughts, feelings, and lives of others before his own but is a vigilant defender in a confrontation when someone crosses the line between thoughtless mistakes and intent to do harm to others, and isn't afraid to take someone out should the need arise. However, he can be thoughtful, forgiving, and kind.
Strengths: well studied, extremely powerful (electrokinetic), and understanding of other's plights.
Weaknesses: hesitation regarding use of outstanding force (in some situations) limited strength (although impressive), well studied to a point, and can be somewhat cautious.

Character History:
Alex had a fairly easy going life on Earth as a child, he was the smartest in the class, and absorbed information like nothing else, as with most student prodigies, he was a victim of bullying along with being so intelligent. At 16, his family was one of many to lose members. His brother, Michael Stormwright was killed, and Alex was having a rough time in school. After a few years, he found a teacher that turned life around, Nicholas Tramford. This teacher showed him the value of everything in life. He also looked through a scan of Alex's brain and found an indicator of the ability to control particles of matter, specifically electrons and thus electricity. However, this man knew the possible ramifications of telling Alex too soon, so he waited until College Graduation. As usual, Alex was at the top of his class and received many good citizenship awards. After college, nobody in the scientific or engineering communities listened to him or took any of his ideas seriously. At this point, the Federation stepped in and offered him an oppertunity to obtain a job in the GF. They "needed" another man in the field, and Alex was it.

Outstanding Abilities: electrokinesis, wheather control, and electromagnetism.
No battlesuits, alt forms, or notable technologies yet
Electrokinetic powers have a maximum range of the earth's diameter, or approximately 12756.2 kilometers


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Alexander Stormwright
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