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 Ryo Kilepura

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Hiraito Kilepura
Hiraito Kilepura

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PostSubject: Ryo Kilepura   Ryo Kilepura Icon_minitimeSun Jan 11, 2009 3:54 am

Player ID: Ryo Kilepura
Character name: Ryo Kilepura
Race: human
Age: 22
Gender: male
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 190 lbs
Appearance: (will draw one eventually)
Known Languages: English, Japanese
Faction: Bounty Hunter
Alignment: Good
Personality: More strategic then his brother, happy go lucky at times. Knows how to use words to drive his opponents insane.
Strengths: Highly skilled sniper, strategist, plays it safe.
Weaknesses: Not one to take risks often. and women, beautiful women.
Likes/Dislikes: Likes being stealthy, being around women, going on missions with his bro/ hates close combat even if he can do it, hates failing at something.
Other: N/A
Equipment: N/A
Character History: N/A (for what other characters know about him)

(I had to add this cause nobody's gonna find out about it, but I want to just show off what I wrote for Ryo's little condition)
Operation: Retrieval

Hiraito and Ryo had been on a long mission on Tallon IV. The two brothers had separated, Ryo staying back to cover the entrance to a small pirate facility while Hiraito went in to kick some ass. During the time Hiraito was gone, several pirates had snuck up on Ryo and ambushed him. He was able to fend off many of them before they got a solid hit on his head, knocking him out cold. Ryo was able to send a quick message while fending them off which was, “Damn, a few of them caught me off guard. Just need to…” Hiraito tried to talk to him but Ryo wasn’t answering. “Damn it!” he said to himself, finishing up in the base and quickly running out of the facility. He could make out a pirate frigate taking to the skies. He quickly got to the Pursuer and got into the cockpit. Then he remembers he’s never flown the ship before, or just barely done so. He was frantic, trying to find the manual to fly it because he had no idea what he had to do. He made several mistakes and almost crashed the ship a few times. Finally he got it right and was able to grasp the concept of flying the ship. Then he inputs the coordinates to the ship from the tracking device in Ryo’s suit to find that he was on Zebes. So he flies the ship to Zebes. It has been several hours since Ryo had arrived at Zebes that Hiraito finally came. He finds the nearest landable spot and lands the ship. He was really close to the facility they were holding his brother, he could easily make out the doors and the couple pirate guards next to it. So he runs at the pirates in fury, charging his cannon as he approached. The pirates see him and open fire. He takes the shots, but it doesn’t hinder him the least bit. He then lunges at the first one, pinning it to the ground and blasting its face point blank with his charged shot, nearly blowing the head like a popped balloon. Then he turns to the other pirate and lunges at it, extending his energy scythe on his cannon and piercing it in the face. He moved on and went through the door. There was a long hallway inside, ending with another door at the end. He figures the there is an open room full of pirates inside, so he’d best surprise them. He sets a charge on the door and brings his heat shields to 100%. He changes his arm cannon into the hand form and charges it for his blast attack. The charge explodes, sending the door into the large room and taking a few pirates with it. Hiraito rushes into the room and finds the biggest group of pirates together. He leaps up and crashes down with his fist, unleashing his charged blast attack. The explosion creates a crater where the impact was, leaving just Hiraito in the crater. Several pirates were left, but he saw to it that they met the same end. He tore through them like butter, either using his energy claws, energy scythe or arm cannon fire. When the room was clear, he moves on to the next room, which was another hallway. But this time there was blast doors in the way. So he set a few charges on them and brought up his heat shields. The blast doors were nothing for the charges set in the perfect spots, and they too got blasted in the room, taking even more pirates down with it. This room was far much larger than the last. The first thing that he saw was a huge pirate, an omega pirate. There were also many pirate commandos and pirate troopers between him and the omega pirate. Hiraito smirks and rushes into battle, felling each enemy in one fell swoop. The omega pirate watched as Hiraito butchered his fellow comrades, not wanting to harm them while trying to attack their enemy. After finishing off the last pirate, the omega pirate takes action. It swings its arm down at Hiraito, who dodges out of the way. He knew just the way to take it down in one shot. He just had to think it and his suit say, “Load Cartridge.” The cartridge system on his arm cannon cocks back and back in, loading the cartridge. A wiring noise comes from the cannon as it surges with power. Hiraito takes aim at the head of the omega pirate and fires. The huge plasma laser blasts the omega pirate's head into oblivion. After the laser ends, steam spews from the sides of the cannon as the omega pirate’s body falls to the ground with a huge thud. Hiraito walks over to what looks like a cryo chamber, and inside is Ryo without his suit. The suit was in a separate pod, with machines analyzing the schematics of the suit. Hiraito blasts the machines and removes the suit before doing the same for his brother. Hiraito helps Ryo, who was very dizzy, put his suit back on. He then helps Ryo through the facility with its bloody floors covered in pirate bodies and blood. Hiraito was almost as bad as Rildok at killing the pirates, but it was not the thirst for blood that caused him to be so ruthless, it was his anger and deep hatred. After getting back to the ship, Hiraito places his brother in the ship in one of the beds. Then he goes into his private locker that held his special works of art, so he called them, and took what seamed to be a very large bomb. He strained to get it out to the platform before putting it on the skiff. So he and the skiff go back into the facility to the room where the omega pirate lay and sets the bomb in the center of the room. He sends the skiff back to the ship while he started to work on setting up the bomb. After a minute he had set the bomb to go off in 2:00 minutes. After he turns and bolts for it, shields go up over the bomb as the time ticked down. Pirates begin to storm into the room after Hiraito had just gotten out and was booking it for the exit. The pirates were puzzled as to what was in the center of the room. After they got closer, they could see the timer ticking down which was now at 1:09. Hiraito makes it to the ship and quickly takes off to the skies. With 0:30 seconds left, the pirates start running away or trying to hit the bomb with whatever they could. The shields held up until it hit 0:01. The shields go down and it hit 0:00. From space Hiraito looked back at where they had been to see a flash of light from the planets surface. Sighing in relief, he pilots the ship for Daiban so Ryo could recover and to resupply to start working on another month long process of making a replica bomb.

Suit Name: TRACIA-7013
Suit Type: Stealth battle suit able to be used in close combat, but specializes in sniping.
Weaponry: A combination of samus's older wave beam combined with the Imperialist (sniper weapon) called the Slipstream.
Shielding: Common energy shielding, Stealth suit shield.
Description: The suits helmet has a spike at the top, but looks slicked back. The visor is a dark blue and the systems for it are the combat Visor, Scan Visor, Snipe Visor and Thermal Visor. Color of the helmet is a crimson red.
The arms of the suit are lightly armored. The left hand features the Grapple lasso, Grapple Swing and the Grapple Voltage. The right arm has his slim, yet long arm cannon. Default Weapon is the Slipstream. Arms are also a crimson color.
The Torso is medium armored and houses the stealth suit module, as well as the Gravity system and on the back jump jets. Color is a dark crimson color.
The legs and feet are lightly armored to allow maximum movement for stealth.. No systems in leg components. Color is crimson.
There are light lines on the suit of a neon green color.

Ship Name: The Pursuer
Ship Type: Small War Freighter
Weapon Systems:
-> 2 Heavy Laser Cannons
-> 2 Laser Cannons
-> 1 Missile Launcher
Weapon Systems Post Fusion:
-> 2 Heavy Plasma Cannons
-> 2 Slipstream Cannons
-> 1 Missile Launcher
-> grapple beams in the front and bottom of the ship
-> cloaking and stealth field
Registered to the Names of: Hiraito Kilepura and Ryo Kilepura
Ryo Kilepura Pursuer2
Ryo Kilepura PursuerInterior2
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Ryo Kilepura
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