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 Ortuna Balask

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PostSubject: Ortuna Balask   Ortuna Balask Icon_minitimeSat Mar 28, 2009 9:09 pm

Player ID: AranxNiomii
Character name: Ortuna Balask (Called Orty by those who know her closely)
Race: Human
Age: 16
Gender: Female (Most think of her as Male)
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 109lbs
Appearence: Ortuna, called Orty by her friends, has pitch black hair with a blue streak and icy blue eyes. She is well built though thin, and keeps her hair cut short, almost like a boy's haircut. Her skin is fairly pale from lack of sunlight.
Faction/Organization: Galatic Federation Marines
Alignment: Good (but in whose opinion)
Personality: Orty lives in her suit. She is quiet and keeps to herself, even though she works with others. She has a kind, but always has a sad note due to her troubled past. Ortuna spends most of her time checking records and statistics, cleaning her weaponry, and organizing her inventory. She has a mixed emotion of fear and hate of men, because of her troubled past.
Strengths: Sharpshooting, Handling Explosives, Can speak over 100 languages, Leadership Skills, Extreme Agile.
Weaknesses: Melee Combat, Men, Mechanics
Likes/Dislikes: Likes; Food, Music, Large Guns, Explosives, Metroids, Space, Flamethrowers. Dislikes; Oranges, Purple Things, Ridley
Other: ------
Equipment: She has her sniper rifles (as she has many), Missiles, Explosives, small energy sythe for emergencies, flamethrowers

Character History: Orty grew up on a human colony, until she was taken to work for the government at the age of 10 for "dire needs" She spent her next four years doing intense training and was treated horribly. Because she was a woman, her mentor was sexist and believed she was stupid, weak, and slow. She suffered immense physical and mental abuse until she left for a short period of time to become a bounty hunter, seeking to escape the abuse. After a year, she realized that bounty hunting was not the job for her and re-enlisted into the GF. Her skills became well known, but she uses a voice changer to make her sound as a male due to her previous years of abuse.

Suit Name: (it has no name)
Suit Type: Advanced Federation Marie Suit
Weaponry: Cloaking feild and Flamethrower (don't ask)
Shielding: Heavy-Hazard

Ship Name: Finito
Ship Type: Custom Gunship
Weapon Systems: Foward and rear plasma cannons, missile launcher.
Attachments: Grapple
Registered to the Name of: Ortuna
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Ortuna Balask
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