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PostSubject: Demonblade   Demonblade Icon_minitimeSun Aug 28, 2011 5:08 am

Player ID: RildokxNanofate
Character name: Demonblade
Race: Android
Age: unknown
Gender: Male voice
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 300 lb.
Appearance: (see picture)
Demonblade E48ea3ead42b47066798956b39286452
Known Languages: All known languages
Faction/Organization: Other
Alignment: Good
-> Combat Mode: cold, merciless, calculating
-> Standby Mode: kind, generous
Strengths: ability, android strength, anti-EMP, melee combat
Weaknesses: long range combat, extended combat
Likes/Dislikes: unknown
Other: Has the ability to open pocket dimensions that hold different melee weapons. He has 52 pocket dimensions, two of which holds his primary weapons. The others hold various melee weapons that can be used as missiles that launch at great speeds. Any weapon used from the pocket dimensions return after 10 seconds, unless wielded by Demonblade.
Equipment: none
Character History: A mad scientist by the name of Edward VanCross created the technology to create and maintain pockets dimensions. Though they were small, they could hold items and be accessed at a later time in the same condition as it was placed. He then created an android that which could utilize these dimensions for it's own benefit. He called the android Demonblade, since the primary weapon that he programmed him to use was a sword. He found out that Demonblade could only maintain 52 pocket dimensions at once. So he filled 50 of those dimensions with various weapons made of reinforced phazite. And then he had made a half mile long chain tipped with a spearhead at one end and a blunt club at the other end, all made of reinforced phazite, in the 51st dimension. Then his primary weapon placed in the final dimension, a devastating claymore made of reinforced phazite with a phazon core that powers it to give it more destructive power. The blade could use the phazon core to create waves of phazon energy to be directed at his opponent and also increase it's destructive melee damage. It was his greatest masterpiece. He was in middle of presenting his creation to the Federation when they were attacked by space pirates. VanCross was killed in the battle, but no pirate was able to touch the android, for they were either pierced by his various weapons or falling to his claymore. After the battle, Demonblade heard the final words of his creator. "Do the universe good and bring peace to the galaxy." Demonblade then set out to cleanse the galaxy of evil.

-> Scarath (Phazon Powered Claymore)
--> Can create waves of phazon energy at will
Demonblade Scarath
-> Chains of Fate
--> Can open multiple pocket dimensions where the chain can wrap and coil around opponent, binding them in place
-> Dimensional Armory
-> Basic Shielding
-> Hazard Shielding


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