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 Eric Ius Libra

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PostSubject: Eric Ius Libra   Eric Ius Libra Icon_minitimeThu Sep 22, 2011 10:40 am

Player ID: Sharpshot 2010

Character Name: Eric Ius Libra
Age: as of Zero Mission: 27, As of Fusion: 33
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 257 pounds
Appearance: An athletic american man, who has a withdrawn look, brown eyes, black hair.

Known languages: Common (American) English. Sometimes utilizes a universal translator
Faction: Galactic Federation although shows interest in bounty hunters
Alignment: Good
Personality: A guy who has seen too much. He is withdrawn and quiet, but knows more than he lets on. He also tends to sympathize with others, but keeps most of his emotions to himself
Strengths: Great knowledge of equipment, has a bachelor's degree in engineering, gets the job done.
Weaknesses: sometimes experiences horrible flashbacks that freeze him in place, is terribly ditant from others.

Character History:

Eric was always seperate from the rest of the crowd. When others were worrying about school, Eric was worrying about his life. His father, a criminal who made enemies with the wrong crowd, was being hunted down by both hitmen and investigators. His mother was brought into the chaos quite by accident, marrying one of his many alias'. she kept up with him until Eric was eight. He witnessed his father's murder at the hands of a hitman who remains a mystery. At this point, his mother, wrought with grief, finally made the decision to give up evidence to the police, as long as they find the hitman. Eric was enrolled in a number of different tutoring programs to catch up to the level of his peers. The rest of his life wasn't free from decimation. When Eric was fourteen, he had found someone who was connected to his father's murder. As did everyone else on the station he now lived in, he carried a firearm and a license. Bringing his weapon he met his cousin in law by the bar and confronted him. His mother shadowed him. Eric's cousin in law opened fire on Eric upon sight, and killed Eric's mother in a missed shot. Eric was decimated. The next several years were quiet. He even got into collage and got a degree. However, Eric still had no job, and in a few years the Galactic Federation stepped in to "offer assistance" That brings us to the date around which Zero Mission occurred.

Combat Suit: Custom fitted Tactical Battlesuit

Ballistics: Arclight Model 57 Mas Driver; a specially designed weapon that fires projectiles at sub- light speed, originally deigned for star ships, reduced size and converted into a carbine to allow personnel use. MK99 Zapper pistol, which fires highly charged rounds that detonate on impact, in all other ways, it is a mass driver in pistol form.
Explosives: Javalin missile launcher, and max-yield 80 pound detonators
Armour: Miltech Patented Combat Armor, which withstands 350 damage
Shields: MK7b shields, which take 200 damage per tank of energy.

Other equipment: none


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Eric Ius Libra
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