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 Ixus Valentine

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PostSubject: Ixus Valentine   Ixus Valentine Icon_minitimeFri Nov 04, 2011 7:37 am

Username: MetroidMaster91

Name: Ixus Valentine

Race: Human Being

Affiliation: His own, mostly sides with the Galactic Federation but there are situations that call for him to go against them.

Languages understood: Basic, space pirate language (enough to know certain elements, he is not fluent nor does he care to be for he finds the language disgusting), and most any human language (Spanish, French, Japanese, etc. The only few he doesn't know are Korean, Vietnamese, and Taiwanese.) PS: he does not speak Space Pirate, ever. He only understands it and does not care to try speaking it.

Age: 27

Physical Description: Facial or body features are unknown. His voice is always changed into something other than its true self, to something that sounds ghostlike and haunting. He wears a black suit with white in the shape of a skeleton. The visor is what can be truly haunting. It is an opaque white but sometimes shows through to an illusion of pale eyes with absolutely no irises. His suit is upgradable though most commonly he has a blaster beam that fires white energy pellets (this is his standard weapon and can be upgraded as RP's progress). No one has ever seen this man's true face and form, knowing him only as an enigma and a powerful ally or deadly enemy.

Personality: Very silent for the most part. He only speaks if he has to and carries out jobs and orders without question. If he changes his side for whatever reason, he does so without warning. He is a good person inside, however, and fights for what he believes is right while keeping his presence as a deadly enigma.

Possible suit upgrades: A projectile launcher, probably uses missiles but can be used for other sorts of projectiles that are explosive; a morph form that is in the shape of a disc that has wall traction, useful for scaling up walls and other steep inclines. Its only form of attack is direct and upclose, requiring him to ram the sharp edges against something and cut the being;

Energy upgrades for the shielding that the suit uses are allowed for his suit.

Various visors can be used by his suit's interface. Exceptions are X-ray and interdimensional vision visors.

Can have a grapple beam of sorts attached to his suit. however, it functions more like a direct pull rather than a swinging chain.

(others may be added per suggestion or random thought).

Ship: A black ship with the picture of a skull on the front, the viewport being the eye sockets. His ship is a quick ship that can conceal itself for stealth entrances, making him even more dangerous as it is near impossible to spot him until he is already on the ground ready to make his move. His ship has enough shielding to protect it in combat situations and allow him to make an escape but has very little firepower to help defend it.

Strengths: A crackshot with his rifle and is also very good at exploring and finding his way out of situations. He can also be very quiet and good at stealth.

Weaknesses: Combat shielding is not as effective as standard, though it can be upgraded to last far longer. His suit lacks versatility with manueverability upgrades, only allowing a few into the suit integrations. This can change over time, however.

If there are any other things that are wanted with this profile, let me know. His bio would most ikely be unknown, seeing as he is an enigmatic person, but if required, I can create one.


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Ixus Valentine
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