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PostSubject: Gilgatron   Gilgatron Icon_minitimeSun Nov 06, 2011 4:24 am

Boss Name: Gilgatron
Boss Type: Melee
Race: Android
Gender: has a male voice
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 450 lb.
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Strengths: melee combat
Weaknesses: mid to long range combat

Ra, Ender of Worlds (the thing he has in his hand in the appearance pic) - It spins in different directions at different parts of it. The tip spins left, upper section goes right, middle section goes left and the bottom section goes right. It spins fast and makes it look like it's completely red, and while doing that it accelerates the particles around it. Almost anything it touches is torn through by the particles being ripped apart. It can also spin faster and launch the accelerated particles as a ranged attack at his foe, launching as a large swirling mass twice as big as himself. When he uses the ranged attack he has to bring it back and always, "Shi o motarasu!" as he brings it forward to launch it.
Shielding: All Heavy Shielding

Personality: cold and full of himself, he sometimes likes to have fun before going for the kill
Battle Tactics: He rushes in head first, always bringing Ra to his foe. He does not stop the attack until his foe is either wounded badly or is getting tired. Then he has his fun with them, slowly wearing them down before finishing them with the ranged attack. If things don't go his way he starts using the ranged attack at regular intervals.


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