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PostSubject: --Metroid--   --Metroid-- Icon_minitimeSun Mar 29, 2009 2:17 pm

Player ID: Samus-Chief
Character name: Metroid, was named this because the word Metroid means Ultimate Warrior.
Race: Chozo
Age: unknown, but is one of the last Chozo, and is therefore very old.
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 6"
Weight: 60 kg
--Metroid-- Chozo

Faction/Organization: Chozo
Alignment: Good
Personality: Calm
Strengths: Sniping, stealth, long range combat
Weaknesses: Melee combat, piloting
Likes/Dislikes: Peace, calm,
Other: Helped develop Samus' Power Suit on Elysia.
Equipment: Grapple beam
Character History: Metroid was born on Zebes in the year 2011 CC. He was originally supposed to be an engineer, but found he was more skilled in combat. He grew up protecting the Galaxy, and was glad when Samus was brought there. Now, He'd have some backup. Since the day he met Samus, he wanted her to be a warrior, so, he went to Elysia and helped design and build her suit. He made two; one for himself and one for her. Although they did not know one another too well, he has saved Samus once: He was the one who activated the beams that killed Ridley above the Impact Crater. He wasn't there per se, but he engineered the defense mechanisms in the temple and they kicked in at the last second, saving Samus. Today, he works for what remains of the Chozo leadership, as most of the Chozo are disappeared. It is said he knows where they are, but he never has revealed their location.

Only applies if character has a battle suit.
Suit Name: Chozo Power Suit: Battle Variant
Suit Type: Combat Varia-Gravity Hybrid
-Power Beam
-Charge Beam
-Wave Beam
-Plasma Beam
-Beam stacker (allows Avenger to combine up to three beams)
Shielding: Advaced shielding allows for resistance to forces equivalent to Super Missiles. Basically, as advanced as Samus' suit.
--Metroid-- Omega_Metroid_suit_by_Manganiac

Only applies if character has their own ship.
Ship Name: The Watchbird
Ship Type: Combat Fighter
Weapon Systems: Proton bombs (like Ridley's bombs he drops in prime 1), Super Beam Cannons (like the Chozo statues used on Ridley in prime 1)
Attachments: Escape Pods, Auto pilot
Registered to the Name of: Metroid
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