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 MH-XB01 (Mhat)

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PostSubject: MH-XB01 (Mhat)   MH-XB01 (Mhat) Icon_minitimeSat Jun 16, 2012 6:10 am

id: LinkAran101
name: Mhat
species: artificialy made life/ 50% metroid 25% chozo and human respectively
gender: male
age: 16
hight: about 7'
weight: 200 lbs.
appearance: while Mhatt is tall he also is strong in appearance( muscle mass) and has green hair and red eyes, his skin is the lightsest green around
powers: small levitation, energy absorbtion, limited regeneration, turn into an omega metroid once per day
personality: for the most part he has no emotion but has wild mood swings with no provocative reason
like: metroids and the GF
dislikes: x-parasites, space pirates
faction:both metroid and federation
alignment: chaotic good ( neutral with a disposition towards good)
strengths: can absorb energy, has been trained since birth, can regenerate while absorbing energy, varia suit makes him mord resistant to cold can become an omega once a day
weakness: regeneration works while absorbing energy, transformation requires extreme energy, can still die from extreme cold, and his wild mood swings are a hindrance in a fight.
known languages: human, chozo, space pirate, and energy (metroid and any brain wave)
equipment: his armor and 3 energy tank rations.
character history: during the events of metroid prime (at the very beginning) the Galactic Federation desided that Samus was not enough to hold the new X menace at bay. they used a combination of Samus's and their own DNA to make an optimized human genome. for the ability to use the varia suit they combined random samples from samus's second trip to Zebes.Then they used samples of DNA from baby metroid and fused the samples into a metroid egg. They then hatched him as fast as possible. As he hatched, his leasons on hating the X more then normal. he was raised to his omega state in near record time. In his omega state he was trained with the varia suit. he gained an extreme bond with the scientists who made him, however when the X attacked his metroid half took over and he turned into an omega metroid. when he came to, he woke up in the ashy ruins of the lab he was born in by himself.
type: galactic model varia suit
name: the metroid friend
weaponry: spazzer, plasma, wave, grapple and ice (only usable 3-4 times before it starts to hurt him)
shields: a galactic federation variation of the chozo force field generator but works at 50% capacity also his left arm has no protection so he can absorb weaker monsters
alt form
name: Final Omega
weaponry: claws, raw strength, and absorbtion
weakness: is quadruply weak against cold.
suit list stacked: ped suit, fusion added suit, prime suit, diamond armor with it he takes 40% elemental damage and 1/16 damage
weaponry: power beam, plasma/light beam, ice/dark beam, annihilator/wave beam, power missiles, hyper everything above


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MH-XB01 (Mhat)
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