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 Andrew McFly

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PostSubject: Andrew McFly   Andrew McFly Icon_minitimeTue Jun 19, 2012 12:04 am

Player ID: RildokxNanoFate
Character name: Andrew McFly
Race: Human
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 180 lb.
Appearance: Short black hair that kinda spikes and light blue eyes. Is of Japanese descent and is of a moderate muscular build.
Known Languages: Galactic common, Japanese (has language translator in suit for all other known languages)
Faction/Organization: Federation
Alignment: Good
Personality: A quirky kinda guy who loves tinkering with his equipment to make it better. Sometimes spouts out a Japanese word or two, either when he's mad, serious or just being goofy.
Strengths: Very intelligent, quick thinker, technology savvy
Weaknesses: long range combat, melee combat, relies on his equipment
Likes/Dislikes: tinkering with equipment, technology, his drones, his equipment/space pirates, destruction of technology
Character History: Andrew at a young age graduated from college with a degree in engineering, young as in age 14. He was employed in the Galactic Federation when he was 16, due to the legality of age limit for work. During those 2 years after graduating, he helped his father at his business tinkering on the stock at his fathers hardware store, hardware as in parts for different things from ships to guns. After joining the federation, he was assigned to the technology department where he worked on advancing technology. He came up with many things that were used against the space pirates. When he turned 35 though, he decided to make a change in his career and founded a project to make himself useful in combat situations. It was to design a combat suit that surpassed all current and experimental suits. It was named "Project Prometheus". He and a handful of scientists worked on the project together. It took them 6 months to design and the same to finalize the fabrication and testing of it. It was a complete success. The project is still running to keep the suit and Andrew in check and kept up to date.

Suit Name: Prometheus Combat Suit
Suit Type: Highly advanced combat suit
-Ballistic Blades: A set of energy blades that generate on the outside part of his right hand and launch at 2,500 feet per second. After 3 seconds the blades will explode with 750 newtons of force each. It has a spread of a shotgun, but can be more accurate the longer it is charged. Requires 2 seconds for minimum charge.
- Back mounted grenade launcher that can fire grenades, if the launcher malfunctions, they can also be thrown
-- Arc x5 - a grenade that detonates on impact with a 4 meter radius with 50 amps of electricity
-- Frag x5 - a simple frag grenade that explodes with 300 newtons of force with fragmentation after 3 seconds from being primed
-- Sticky Proximity x5 - a grenade that sticks to any surface without proper protection, that explodes with 400 newtons of force that detonates after 10 seconds or something comes within 3 meters of it
-- EMP x5 - a grenade that gives off an EMP 5 meter is radius that temporarily disable electronics that are not protected
-- Plasma x5 - a grenade that blasts a 4 meter radius with plasma energy that burns and sticks to any surface without proper protection
-- Cryo x5 - a grenade that has a freezing blast radius of 3 meters
-- Particle Distortion x1 - a grenade that can only be used in the launcher that distorts the particles of everything withing a 10 meter radius which detonates on impact, the distortion will scramble the particles of everything inside to anything without proper shielding
- Back mounted particle beam cannon - a much stronger version of his particle rifle, but requires charging for 5 seconds per shot with a 30 second cooldown
Deployable combat drones x4
- Advanced heavy basic shields
- Hazard
- Electro
- Nova
- Heat
- Cold
- Particle distortion (must manually activate)

Particle Rifle - Has infinite ammunition, but does require a cooldown after extended fire. Also has the same properties of the nova and wave beam, but to a higher degree. (2-D metroid wave beam version) Also it fires in a stream, and will become stronger after 4 seconds of sustained fire. Max sustained fire time 8 seconds. Max cooldown time after max extended fire 6 seconds.
Andrew McFly ME3_Particle_Assault_Rifle
Paladin Heavy Wave Pistol - Fires standard wave beam shots like Samus' arm cannon. (wave beam being the one that passes through walls in the 2-D metroid games)
Andrew McFly ME3_Paladin_Heavy_Pistol

Deployable Combat Drone
Description: a holographic like sphere red in color
- Electric blast - shooting an electric burst at an opponent with limited range
- Cryo blast - shoots like an ice beam at an opponent that has a high freezing capability that lasts for 5 seconds
- Incendiary blast - fires a plasma ball, but also has a sticky feature to it that lasts for 5 seconds before disapating
- Self destruct - a feature that kicks in when either ordered or extremely damaged that explodes with 800 newtons of force
- Heavy basic
- Hazard
- Electro

Ship Name: Ryuunosuke (dragon of herald)
Ship Type: Custom Heavy Cruiser
Weapon Systems:
-Heavy particle beam cannon - A cruiser scale version of his back mounted cannon with a charge of 10 seconds and a cooldown of 1 minute
Particle beam turrets - turrets that use the same mechanic as his rifle but of larger scale
- Grapple beam
- Jamming field
- Cloaking field
- Combat drones similar to his combat drones, but bigger and use particle beam as attacks
Registered to the Name of: Andrew McFly
Andrew McFly WA_VolusDreadnought


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