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 Saza Ra-roa

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PostSubject: Saza Ra-roa   Saza Ra-roa Icon_minitimeWed Jun 20, 2012 11:52 am

player ID: christen MX
character name: Saza Ra-roa
race: phazon corrupted X-parasite
age: 8 days (shortly post fusion)
gender: female(?)
height:6'7(without suit) 7'2 (with suit)
weight: 240 pounds (without suit) 320 (with suit)
known languages: X, human, and chozo.
appearance: her skin has a light phazon blue tint to it, and she has light phazon blue hair, which she constantly keeps in a pony-tail, and she wears a blue Zero-suit (phazon colored)
Faction/Organization: bounty hunter
alignment: good (WTF?!?)
personality: strong willed, helps those in need, but stays on track and target during a mission (imagine a slightly lighter hearted samus aran). won't hesitate (long) to kill if the person in question is fighting against what she(?) considers the greater good (which is not some sort of twisted around evil or anything, see history for info)
strengths: fights with a large and generally powerful arsenal.
weaknesses: can be frozen just like the SA-X, and remembers her past in a mixed way, also could be devoured by metroids if they so chose.
likes:metroids (WTF?!?), the galactic federation, hurting the space pirates, and fellow bounty hunters (who work against the space pirates.
dislikes: the space pirates, corruption, and those who harm others for their own gain with no good reason
equipment: all of the equipment the SA-X had, but phazon enhanced/corrupted.
character history: once a simple SA-X clone Saza would have fought samus with all her might, but in the wanton destruction of both the SA-X clones such as her and the omega metroid, she stumbled upon a secret lab, much better hidden than the one for metroid cloning. in this lab she found the only human survivors of the X-parasite catastrophe. needless to say she killed them. afterwards she discovered what they had been working on. Phazon. she touched it only once, but that was all that was needed. the phazon increased the human and chozo DNA as well as making the most recently absorbed creatures memories most prominent in her mind, as well as the personality of the last two. these were samus (most recent) and a young girl, brought by her parents to SR-388 to escape from the conflict and strife prominent in the rest of the galaxy. the phazon even nearly completely abolished her X-parasite instincts. the combination of all these thing made her become what she is today. when the station was about to crash into SR-388 she discovered an escape pod; the last left unused. crawling in and ejecting it, she just barely escaped the resulting explosion that destroyed most of the other X-parasites, the escape pod being intercepted by the galactic federation, she knew she was safe (according to her memories that in reality were samus') however, she also knew that telling them that she was the only one to escape the BSL station and that she was samus would result, most likely, in her getting locked up, either in a mad house, or in galactic prison. so she told them that she had escaped during the far side of the BSL's orbit and that sometime during the trip to where she was now the thruster had given out (all of this happened while she was unsuited so as not to arouse suspicion) and that they had only recently come back online. she also told them that her name was Saza Ra-roa after her great-great-great-great grandmother, who had had the odd name because in their language it meant "most beautiful", and that she was a bounty hunter. this is what led to where and what she is today.

suit name: none
suit type: organic replica varia suit (phazon corrupted)
weaponry: all that the SA-X had.
shielding: medium, varia, and gravity

alt-form: morph-ball
weapons systems: bombs and power bombs the former being usable for an infinite bomb jump in a way that is the same easiness as zero missions (1,2 (pause) 1,2 (pause) 1,2 as simple as that, keep up the rhythm and it works perfectly.)
description: just the same morph-ball used by samus and the SA-X. nothing special.

ship: no name
ship type: hunter class; built on aliehs III
weapon systems: plasma cannons on front
attachments: hyper drive
registered to the name of: Saza Ra-roa


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Saza Ra-roa
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