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 Setsa Tosura

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PostSubject: Setsa Tosura   Setsa Tosura Icon_minitimeSat Jun 30, 2012 7:19 am

player ID: christen MX
character name: Setsa Tosura
race: looks human, no one knows if she is.
age: 20
gender: female
height: 6'6 (w/o suit) 7'3 (with suit)
weight: 234 pounds (w/o suit, as far as I can tell she would not be fat from that weight, but she would not be a stick figure either.) 340 pounds (with suit)
known languages: galactic standard, Japanese, Russian, luminoth,
appearance: long fiery red hair, reaching all the way to her knees, almost athletic, nut not quite, almost always looks sad, even when she is the happiest she has been, and wears a green zero suit, unlike most.
Faction/Organization: bounty hunter, does not lean towards either side.
alignment: good, oddly enough when the thing above is taken into consideration
personality: a very happy girl, though she almost always looks sad, she is slow to anger, and prefers peace to fighting, but will fight to pay her bills, and to keep herself from starving without a single complaint.
strengths: very charismatic, has a good power suit, and is very smart.
weaknesses: most don't realize that she really is in emotional pain, because she always looks sad, even when happy, also if someone attacked her when she didn't have access to her suit, she would be helpless, because she was only trained in ranged fighting, with her suit.
likes: being around nice people, peaceful walks in pleasant surroundings, being with friends, and not having to fight.
dislikes: having to fight, people being mean to her or others, getting attacked for no reason, and having no money to pay her bills or buy food with.
equipment: her power and zero suits. that's it.
character history: nothing is known about her, she just appeared one day, and began taking bounties. the most anyone knows is recent things, which aren't note worthy at all.

suit type: combination of space pirate and federation tech, given to her for successful missions.
weaponry: power beam, missiles, charge beam, and a seeker missile launcher, she also sports a modified plasma beam, made to pierce through much tougher enemies and do more damage.
shielding: varia, and basic.successful mission, or even during the mission.

alt-form: spider walker.
description: does not decrease her size, just allows her to climb walls and the like. even when slippery.

ship: sekura
ship type: warrior class ship
weapon systems: small, but powerful beam cannons on the front
attachments: none
registered to the name of: error! not registered!


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Setsa Tosura
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