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 Adralten Emzarata

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PostSubject: Adralten Emzarata   Adralten Emzarata Icon_minitimeThu Jul 05, 2012 5:46 am

player ID: christen MX
character name: Adralten Emzarata
race: phazonic being, has traces of human DNA, and a lot of metroid DNA.
age: as of echoes: 2 years, as of fusion:...we don't quite know the time between fusion and primes end, so no one knows quite yet.
gender: male
height: 6'4
weight: 221
known languages: metroid, galactic standard, phazon.
appearance: not extremely muscular outside of suit, has blue "infused" brown messy hair, his eyes are almost completely blue, differing colors depending on the part of eye, and he wears clothing that changes once a day, when he wakes up in the morning
Faction/Organization: galactic federation/space pirates/bounty hunter
alignment: good/evil, it's all the same to him.
personality: he does not care about much of anything, he just does what he needs to.
strengths: he's strong despite his lack of apparent muscle mass, he is good at using his suit, he has the phazon metroid ability to send arcs of phazon/electricity at targets, and he'll not stop fighting until he's been atomized, arms or legs or that kind of thing being cut off or anything just does not matter to him.
weaknesses: phazon in amounts after a certain point will overload him, he can't help anyone but himself in the end, and this trait makes him not well liked by others, he does not work with his allies, he just goes alone, and he really just doesn't care anymore.
likes: being able to survive, and even that is being strained.
dislikes: being forced to work with others and being forced into a position where he might not survive.
equipment: a nanotech suit designed for part metroids that has been heavily phazon corrupted.
character history: came to talon IV in a leviathin fifty years prior to metroid prime, once the hatchling reached him he fought. only it wasn't the hatchling, it was something able to strike with phazon quite readily, and did so often, breaking even the supposed to be indestructible shields that had the one flaw of beam weakness that the pirate beam troopers had. once he had been defeated by the creature he lashed out at it, trying to steal the phazon it had. it almost let him, and he absorbed much phazon and DNA before having the phazon eating tendril broken off from him, and thus cutting off the supply of phazon. he never encountered this being again, but by and by he went to aether to devour the phazon he felt lingering there, and met with a new creature. they fought multiple times, before eventually he was almost completely overloaded by an attack from the new thing that had used some of the phazon he had been expelling from his body. he was unable to stay in one piece for long after that. he was reborn on a pirate frigate, and killed all in his path, leaving the place to find something new. he found Phaaze. he led leviathins to planets, infecting many with phazon, creating what in his corrupted mind would be a utopia for his kind and all others, but was stopped by the same thing that had prevented his phazon eating six months prior. he was strangely reborn nearly a year after that, and began searching for phazon to replenish himself with, but found...none. there was no phazon left for him to use, not one bit. he found this to be unbearable, but continued searching for years, until he came to a planet that was inhabited by humanoid things talking in a language he could strangely understand. they were talking about the famous bounty hunter samus aran, and how she herself had had a bounty put on her head for the destruction of the BSL station. he was strangely intrigued by this, and began searching for information now instead of phazon. he has been taking on missions to keep himself alive and well while searching, and that brings everybody up to speed on this thing.

suit type: phazon corrupted nanotech based suit.
weaponry: phazon, electrical manipulation technically, and an enhancement in the gloves that when powered by phazon directly makes them able to create blades of phazon energy that can create exploding waves of phazon energy when slashed, but this eats through phazon quite quickly.
shielding: phazon, basic, varia

alt-form: none (for now, I have not figured it out quite yet.)
description: none

ship: no man's land
ship type: custom hunter class gunship
weapon systems: phazon turrets on the front and back.
attachments: energy based tow cable.
registered to the name of: Adralten Emzarata.


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