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 Mina Barus

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PostSubject: Mina Barus   Mina Barus Icon_minitimeThu Jul 05, 2012 12:05 pm

player ID: christen MX
character name: Mina Barus
race: human
age: 27
gender: female (it's be weird if she was a he don't you think?)
height: 6'2 (w/o, with suit. suit does not change height)
weight: 190 pounds (w/o suit) 300 pounds (with suit)
known languages: galactic standard (small amounts) Japanese, and German.
appearance: brown, waist length hair, not overly muscular, wears a purple zero suit, rarely seen, as most of the time she is in her powered armorsuit.
Faction/Organization: galactic federation, but will go against them if she knows they are doing something that she feels is wrong.
alignment: good
personality: studious, tries to either stay in her suit, or to stay out of sight of others, and prefers to be alone in the first place.
strengths: good in hand to hand combat and ranged combat, because of her studious nature she has amassed a huge intellect, though she does not show it off often, and can be very good in the planning department.
weaknesses: quick to anger, and tends to gloss over her enemies strengths and weaknesses, as well underestimate
likes: studying, being in her suit, and being alone.
dislikes: being interrupted whilst studying, rude people, being in big crowds, being without her armorsuit, being without her armorsuit when around people, being around others, and not being armored.
equipment: her powered armorsuit, and a simple stun pistol for combat out of suit.
character history: graduated from school with the highest grades in the school, joined the federation soon afterwards, and fought against the space pirates on multiple occasions. recently has noted the corruption the federation has been going through and is disgusted by it, but finds herself unable to really bring it up as they are still on most occasions better than the space pirates, though the bottle ship and BSL station did nearly push her over the edge from their stupidity. other than that she is not remarkable in much of any way.

suit type: high powered experimental galactic federation suit
weaponry: a higher power galactic federation rifle that has bypassed the need for ammo, working more like the power beam used by samus, although it is still a little weaker.
shielding: medium, hazard (standard issue after the events of prime three)

alt-form: none
description: none

ship: rides in with the rest of the fleet
ship type: carrier ship
weapon systems: any that a carrier ship of the galactic federation has.
attachments: none
registered to the name of: not registered to one person, owned by the galactic federation.


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