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 General Odius of the Pirate Rebels

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PostSubject: General Odius of the Pirate Rebels   General Odius of the Pirate Rebels Icon_minitimeThu Apr 02, 2009 7:21 am

Player ID: Samus-Chief
Character name: Odius Orgon, called Org or Ody by closest friends.
Race: Space Pirate
Age: ??
Gender: Male
Appearance: Like a Pirate Commando from Prime 3
Faction/Organization: Space Pirate Rebels
Alignment: Good
Personality: Optimist, and friendly in nature. Basically, opposite of a Space Pirate.
Strengths: Ranged Combat, covering his team mate's backs
Weaknesses: Melee combat
Likes/Dislikes: The Federation, Samus (as a comrade in battle, Aran), GFMC/Space Pirates, Ridley, High Command, Weavel, High Command, Phazon, High Command, Ridley. Did he mention High Command? And Ridley?
Other: N/A
Equipment: Energy Shield (prevents all melee damage, beam attacks go through)
Character History: Odius was born out of a cloning vat. All he knew was that a slight error in the cloning of Weavel backfired and he was made. He lived under Ridley's command until the K-2L incident.

Before this incident, Odius became a General like Ridley and High Command had ordered Ridley not to attack K-2L, as the Federation would likely strike back tenfold. He ignored his orders, and ordered the fleet to move in on K-2L. Odius was loyal to High Command and was arguing with Ridley. "You can't do this without permission!" "We are taking their aphloralite for the Pirates!!" Odius and Ridley landed on the surface and Ridley began killing and Maiming. Odius was apalled at him and he decided that the Federation knew what they were doing.

He gathered his soldiers and told them of his plans to leave the Space Pirates. None disobeyed. They boarded a frigate and flew away from K-2L. The last thing Odius saw was Ridley kill what looked to be the mother of a small girl, who was forced to watch.

Odius and his crew were just outside of Earth's atmosphere and were about to land. Then, the expected occurred. "Unidentified vessel, please halt." "This is Space Pirate General Odius. I've come to join the Federation along with my troops." After a long pause, 50 Stiletto fighters came from earth and covered the ship as it landed.

Odius was looking at Chairman Keaton. "So, you wish to become a general in our forces, eh?" "No. I wish to establish the Pirate Rebels, so all Pirates know that if they are appalled by what they do for a living, they can be a part of the solution." Keaton stood there for a moment. "Okay, then. You, General Odius, have become the first Space Pirate to enlist in our military forces."

He been with 'em ever since.

Only applies if character has a battle suit.
Suit Name: Pirate Rebel Armor suit
Suit Type: Combat - Varia suit
Weaponry: Commando Arm Cannon. Fires heavy pulse rounds like the Wave Beam, but a little more powerful and ice element.
Shielding: No, but heavy plating on it make up with blast shields that can almost completely withstand a missile.

Only applies if character has their own ship.
Ship Name: The Rebel
Ship Type: Frigate
Weapon Systems: Pulse Cannons, Missile Launchers, and Power Bombs.
Attachments: Shield booster resists most melee attacks. Is a little bigger than Ridley.
Registered to the Name of: General Odius Orgon
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PostSubject: Re: General Odius of the Pirate Rebels   General Odius of the Pirate Rebels Icon_minitimeThu Apr 02, 2009 7:35 am

Looks prety cool. I liked the history. He is approved.
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General Odius of the Pirate Rebels
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