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 Scral the broken one

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PostSubject: Scral the broken one   Scral the broken one Icon_minitimeTue Jul 10, 2012 12:32 am

player ID: christen MX
character name: scral (nickname given by a race of beings fairly unknown. it means broken one.)
race: human (?)
age: found 14 years ago, true age unknown, as body had not aged since that day, and thus can not be accurately calculated.
gender: male (?)
height: 6'4 (w/o suit) 7'6 (with suit)
weight: 237 (w/o suit, has no visible fat, may be stored in some part of the body it is not visible from) 473 (with suit, it has no visible effect on him weight wise, but others feel it)
known languages: none understandable (speaking, understands most of simple animals (metroids would count here. basically he can understand most things like dogs, wolves, animals that do not have any kind of technology. traditionally thought non-sentient animals, whether they are or not) and some galactic standard and space pirate, not much though. understands the ing language completely, and tries to speak it from time to time, but fails as he does not have the right physical traits for it.
appearance: his body is completely black, he has black blood, skin, everything. everything but his eyes anyway. his eyes are blood red throughout. he looks muscular and like he could pick up a man and throw him through about three walls of steel (ten inch walls), but he could not.
Faction/Organization: no one can tell, closest is bounty hunter.
alignment: neutral? evil? good? chaotic would be the best description, as he will work for anyone and simply destroys things.
personality: he acts cold, not calculating. he rushes into dangerous battles without a thought, and often wins from sheer surprise at his audacity of attacking anything, even a twenty foot tall demon of mass destruction (exaggeration, but not much of one. he has attacked an omega pirate without a second thought while unsuited. he surprisingly won, most likely from his enemies surprise at this.)
strengths: he is powerful physically, and his suit only increases this factor, he often will win against amazing odds from simply surprising his enemies into not defending or attacking back.
weaknesses: charges recklessly into battles, no matter the odds against him.
likes: killing, winning, kicking ass for no reason.
dislikes: losing, having his ass handed to him, people getting in the way of his killing.
equipment: a powerful suit made for close combat and increasing all physical parameters for physical combat. a pair of energy daggers that use some form of unbelievable power source. these are only useable in "overdrive" which is powered by a similar power source.
character history: found fourteen years before the events of "the stars will crumble" RP, and he has been killing bounties and taking only enough money to survive from this. the thing no person other than him knows is that several years before his discovery he had been fused with an ing during a possession attempt. the possession failed, instead causing the first if not only perfect fusion of anything and ing. he was later infected by an X parasite, which killed him and stole his suit, but the ing survived in the DNA, and took the body back (which is what caused his color scheme by the way) and the fight caused a fusion of those two. neither the X parasite nor the Ing are detectable, which is why he is thought to be a human that was made into a super human through experimentation in a lab. his suit has taken on traits from both the X parasite and the Ing that make up his body, and that in fact is what powers his "overdrive", which is actually a blood lust, or better known as "blood moon rage", a state activated from extreme amounts of killing around him. it is also known to activate after he takes too much damage himself from any attack, though not his own. he has made use of this, and it corrupts him further while it is active, and even his allies are not safe from him. this happened in one or two cases, but each time his few allies had the good sense to get the fuck away from him. he nowadays simply fights his bounties and kills them for the thrill. he does show some form of appreciation to his employers for the thrill he gets from the killing he does on the missions, but it is not a regular kind of appreciation. it usually takes the form of some kind of thing that was either important to his target, or the target's head and some of their organs (you see what I mean by "it is not a regular kind of appreciation" now, don't you?)

suit type: parasite fusion suit, (originally "heavy suit, close combat edition")
(I have finally found his suit's inspiration picture. it actually does look almost exactly like this pic, only with smaller shoulder-pads, and all black and red)
Scral the broken one Heavy_10
weaponry: two daggers only used in "blood moon rage" mode, his body is the rest of the equipment, as it is all that is needed because of the physical power increase caused by the suit.
shielding: basic and Ing biomatter powered.

alt-form: "blood moon rage"
description: he enters a state where anything is equal to a target if it is alive, he does not stop attacking with his powerful and quick energy daggers while in this state, not unless he is either killed or he cannot see any targets, in either of those cases he stops attacking and exits the blood lusting state. this state increases his power and speed by ten percent, and he uses speedy and powerful daggers as his only weapon.

ship: Ragnarok
ship type: death bringer (that's what he calls it, it is a weapon carrier class ship. basically it has a bunch of weapons that on their own are weak, but together are worthwhile)
weapon systems: many laser, plasma, and missile based weapons, each on their own weak, but together formidable
attachments: none
registered to the name of: scral


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Scral the broken one
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