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 Geda Aran

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PostSubject: Geda Aran   Geda Aran Icon_minitimeTue Oct 16, 2012 11:26 pm

player ID: christen MX
character name: Geda Aran
race: human, small part metroid and chozo
age: three years literally, created with the body of a seventeen year old. (looks twenty now)
gender: male
height: 6'4 (suited and unsuited)
weight: 186 pounds (unsuited) 390 pounds (suited)
known languages: galactic standard, metroid, Gene series (understands, can not speak it)
appearance: seems very similar to what someone might expect Samus to look like if she was male. his hair is oddly enough completely white, but not in a way that even begins to suggest old age. has well toned body with very little darkened hair.
Faction/Organization: works for Espera Nota more often than not, but does work with the federation on occasion.
alignment: good, but makes a hell of a collateral damage to places he's in.
personality: destructive and angry, a side effect of the imperfect cloning and genetic modifications, uses missions as an excuse to cause destruction and hurt people he doesn't like. he does however have another side to himself, that side is a very childlike and loving boy: the essence of his true age essentially.
strengths: has biomechanically enhanced strength, speed, agility, and endurance, as well as being exceedingly well versed in the useage of most bladed close-range weapons, very stealthy as well, knows how to use his suit to the best advantage.
weaknesses: not good with hand to hand or much of any form of ranged combat, violent, which does not exactly attract people to him, he is also bad at focusing, and has next to no learning capability, so never strays from a single fighting path.
likes: killing, mauling, mutilating, destroying.
dislikes: having nothing to kill, being alone (not for the reason you would expect with the violence he has in his nature), being hurt.
equipment: his bio-mechanical nanotech suit that has the ability to replicate nearly any close range bladed weapon through rapid replication of nanobots into a different form.
other: believes in reincarnation and karma, oddly enough has a completely prehensile tail with a very sharp end to it (tail length: twenty feet. wraps it around his torso when not using it).
character history:born on the M.S.M.A.C.C.S Elysium, Geda was trained quite literally from berth to be a nigh literal fighting machine, being trained first in simple physical training, moving on to hand to hand combat, but that failed quite early. he was switched to ranged, but that too failed miserably. he was considered a failure by the crew until he came across a few simple blades, swords, knives, scythes, and began practicing with them. this had been the weapon system he had been born to use, and he truly excelled with the usage of them. only a few months later he was given his suit and trained in it's use, as well as creating his weaponry through accessing the nanobot mainframe. he trained quite successfully, and within only a year he was ready to continue and begin going on actual missions. it was quickly revealed that experiment 2-2-0-7-1 was not exactly a well adjusted camper when out in the field. on his first mission he actually tortured the person he was supposed to save to death for the hell of it. it was at that point he got locked up to have his mind poked and prodded at. quite soon after being locked into prison with scientist examining his brain to try to find the trauma they believed responsible for his extreme anger levels and inability to "play nice" so to speak, he busted out of prison during a challenge that was issued annually, simply put, if someone escaped during the challenge, no matter how they do it, they're free. no person had ever escaped before though, as needless to say, they didn't just make every avenue open, or give the convicts weapons to use. he left, free of the charges, and began trying to find his creator. it took him only a short time, because his creator was searching for him too. a few modifications had to be made however, mainly to channel the incredible anger stored within him to good purpose. it was only after those modifications were finished that he was released into the world on missions again.

suit type: nanotech based suit, named "Blade bringer"
weaponry:hundreds of blades on the suit, the largest running along the arms, shoulders, and back. an incredibly large blade on the back that protrudes from the middle that extended in a curve both up and down (if he's standing straight up), more to the former than the latter. it extends to the middle of his head length wise going up, but only half the way to his tail going down.four blades, each similar to the middle blade in shape but much smaller, are around the middle blade. there is a curved flat "claw" extending from each hand for about two feet. the suit also keeps memory of just about every bladed weapon, and Geda is good with most of them.
shielding: heavy energy shielding, able to be re-routed for alt-form, and blades that block some of the damage and deal damage to hand to hand fighters.

alt-form: blade whirlwind
description: Geda begins using a system installed in the suit that allows him to continually spin at an extreme speed, also allowing for shield power to be redirected to enhance cutting power of the spin. allows for free movement.

ship: black hole
ship type: armored ship built for defense and speed.
weapon systems: small laser cannons built into the hull, not good at turning, weak.
attachments: powerful grappling system, used for grabbing large enemies.
registered to the name of: Geda, no last name found in registration files.


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