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 Kadoa Murutsu

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PostSubject: Kadoa Murutsu   Kadoa Murutsu Icon_minitimeSun Oct 28, 2012 5:39 am

player ID: christen MX
character name: Kadoa Murutsu (pronounced kah-doh-ah moo-roo-tsoo)
race: sekyda (a race of creatures similar to humans, but they must feed on an iron and other nutrient rich liquid at least once a week, or they will die of "starvation", their average life expectancy is generally around ten thousand years, but they are known to live longer than that at times, though without feeding they wither quicker than any other living creature, taking only a day or two.)
age: 3,000 years old as of the federations creation.
gender: male
height: 7'5
weight: 241 pounds
known languages: galactic standard, many of the languages that had been on earth many many years before, and his home language
appearance: dark hair and eyes, has longer canines with holes in the center of them to allow for feeding, wears simple clothing, and wears an energy sword at his hip
Faction/Organization: sekyda (he sides with his race over anything that would involve them. otherwise he is a regular galactic citizen)
alignment: good
personality: likes to play with people in a kind way, tends to keep to himself and tries to not cause trouble. once was a plague on the planet he currently lives on, but then settled down like the rest of his race had.
strengths: has superhuman strength, speed, stamina, that kind of thing. also in his long life has picked up an enormous amount of raw knowledge, as his kind does not forget, or have their memories modified by the brain.
weaknesses: must feed off of the blood, or a blood like in nutrient carrying substance, of a living creature every week or so or he will die, he is unable to sleep, and thus can generally be grumpy, making him not be the best liked of people, and he has no long range training.
likes: the old days, the current days, the future rushing up upon him, the taste of blood, the taste of regular food, and a few other things such as beautiful women, and lush young girls just blooming into their full beauty.
dislikes: very little. not even stuff worth mentioning.
equipment: he carries around at all times a saber made of energy at his left hip, and often will also keep on his person three or four more energy based weapons hidden in various places.
character history: once known to be "the plague of gaia" he would attack young men and women well over once a week, this is what had originally started the "myth" of vampires, however after a hundred years of this he began to feel regret that he had done such wrong, not even for his life, but simply to do wrong. since then he has grown to love his new home while he waits for his people to return, and has become a legend of heroism on earth. when energy based close combat weapons were first introduced to earth he was skeptical. but he took one in return for saving the life of a shop owner from robbers. later he had the chance to test it and found it quite above his expectations. he has since bought more, either with more good deeds, or with actual money. lately he has begun to truly, truly love gaia.

suit type:none
weaponry: nearly twenty energy blades, usually he only has three or so on him at any given time.
shielding:titanium/steel mix plating (as strong as they would be if they were combined without problem. AKA if the strength of steel was added to the strength of titanium.)

alt-form: none
description: none

ship: none (waiting for one to come take him away)


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Kadoa Murutsu
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