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PostSubject: Nightmaer Knight   Nightmaer Knight Icon_minitimeThu Nov 22, 2012 2:36 pm

Player ID: Christen MX
Character name: Eshel-fezh tochk-vy (no pronunciation required, translates into English letters as "Nightmaer", which is pronounced "nightmare")
Race: X parasite (slightly mutated from experiments by Galactic federation)
Age: one of the youngest X, but no actual age has been attributed to it due to lack of identifying factors and lack of known history.
Gender: asexual.
Height: varies, usually around eight ten.
Weight: varies immensely. suit weighs ninety three and four nineteenths pounds
Appearance: varies too immensely to describe, usually nightmarishly horrendous.
Known Languages: X parasite, galactic standard, metroid (it had to learn how to understand it's greatest predator).
Faction/Organization: mercenary
Alignment: neutral
Personality: dark and brooding, not very violent even though it commits acts that would generally be considered violent (such as killing and accidental maiming), not often happy.
Strengths: has traditional X parasite capabilities, can combine DNA into monstrous looking beings, stealthy.
Weaknesses: it has a weakness to cold not found in it's species before, it freezes like a metroid would, metroids not only will seek out and kill it, it is immensely afraid of metroids and will not do a mission if they are involved in ANY way, also can not take on the abilities of the things it mimics, only their physical attributes (that includes claw sharpness and the such), also, if it's mimic body dies, so does it.
Likes/Dislikes: nothing/ causing pain, looking back upon the past, trying to think of the future, scientists.
Other: has a conscience that bothers it immensely; doesn't get much sleep. also has a severe drinking problem.
Equipment: stealth model suit "Demon Black", random bits of clothing picked up here and there.
Character History: One of the younger X parasites around, possibly younger than the metroids themselves. No history has been found as having been recorded by it's species, so it's hard to tell. However, noteworthy things about it are that it not only escaped the BSL station before it exploded, but also fell into the hands of the Galactic federation and was experimented upon. Not much was able to be changed about it, but information was gained. So much so that the Galactic federation was able to begin cloning X-parasites from DNA samples gained from "Nightmaer". Many different menacing creatures were fed to it in the interest of gaining mutated combination creatures from it's DNA storage banks. The federation succeeded in this, but the creatures created by the cloning were berserk ones, and destroyed the facility eventually, going so far as to conquer the planet it had been based on (an unnamed planet in an unnamed section of an unnamed galaxy), they had created a suit for the original X of the planet, as well. It took said suit while in a humanoid form gained from "eating" one of the few scientists remaining. It also stole one of the few ninja class ships from the hanger bay connected to the upper portions of the labs, it then left the planet for good with no attachments. Nightmaer began searching for it's home planet only a few days after that escapade, and eventually did find planets that were similar. But none of them had any signs of it's species' culture, and it searched for years for it's home planet. It went over, around, and on many planets in it's search, as well as making a few friends on some of the planets. But it's ravenous "appetite" always prevented it from finding a true home for many solar cycles (a collective solar system's years). Some number of solar cycles later, it eventually did find what was left of it's planet, but that didn't say much. It's planet was nothing but scattered asteroids at this point, and it had never seen something that made it this depressed. It later found a planet with a large amount of small "game" for it to "feed" on, giving it a pretty much permanent home to live on. Eventually it began gaining control over it's appetite and moved to a more populated planet (larger, more intelligent creatures) called "Earth". It began to learn the local customs and tried to find a home to live in, however, It discovered that it needed money for a home, and didn't know what to do to get money. After a few weeks of trying, it found out that it needed something called a "Job" for money, and needed to search for one. eventually it settled on one that was fairly easy for the most part: the mercenary business. It hasn't had many important missions, mostly guard jobs or assassin jobs, but they paid the rent and bills, and it could hunt for food in the forests of the planets it would sometimes go to or those of Earth.

Suit Name: demon black (suit only used on rare, and I do mean RARE, occasions)
Suit Type: close range combat model stealth suit
Weaponry: claws built into the hands, one per fingertip
Shielding: none, sacrifices shielding for invisibility and short range teleportation capabilities.
abilities: weak invisibility generator, causes light to shift around user, but cannot withstand damage at all. if any damage is dealt to the suit, the invisibility generator shuts down for a period of twelve minutes. teleportation is done via a small time-space manipulation generator within the suit, it is not powerful however, only allowing teleportation with a distance of twenty feet from the original spot, and the teleport only lasts long enough for a single attack. the generator can be used in quick succession up to three times (jump, jump, jump quick succession, not jump, go back, jump, go back, jump, go back quick succession), but then it needs a few minutes of cooldown for use again. if only used to jump once and then attack and return, it can generate enough energy to last for quite a bit longer however.

Ship Name: infection
Ship Type: ninja class stealth vessel
Weapon Systems: none
Attachments: none
Description: small vessel with active camouflage systems built in, black in it's natural color. looks like a rather large needle, nothing else noteworthy.
Registered to the Name of: Nightmaer


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