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 Alexis Victoria Powers

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PostSubject: Alexis Victoria Powers   Alexis Victoria Powers Icon_minitimeThu Apr 18, 2013 1:47 am

//NewCharacter:: ScriptSTART::

//Player Identification:: JustLex

=---= CHARACTER INFO =---=

//Name:: Alexis Victoria Powers
//Common Aliases:: Lexi, Miss Powers
//Age:: 26
//Gender:: Female
//Height: 5 Feet, 8 Inches
//Weight: 164.7 Lbs (Pounds/Libras)

Alexis is an overweight, grown woman. Standing height at five feet eight inches, she still looks great as ever. Her hair is shoulder length, straightened, and dark red. She uses light-blue colored contacts on her eyes, which are naturally brown. Alexis' face is more towards an oval shape, given her weight defection. Her skin is tan, and it glistens in the star light.

//Known Languages: Basic English, that is all.
//Faction: Bounty Hunter
//Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


//Personality:: Alexis has a rather explosive personality. She's loud, and sometimes bothersome. She get's by through brute force and yelling. Though she is rather polite, Alexis does get out of hand sometimes.

//Strengths:: Good at Hand-to-Hand Combat, Quick Thinker, Gear Crafter

//Weaknesses:: Easy to spot, slower than most, bad at far range shooting.

//Character History::
Alexis grew up living in a small town. She didn't do much for exercise, so she learned to live a lazy lifestyle as a habit. Her father was part of the Military, and didn't get to see him much when she was growing. She looked up to him as a role-model, and wanted to take his place. But instead of the codes of Honor, she grew to like the ideas of fame and fortune! Alexis took the liking of wanting to become a bounty hunter at the age of 22. She worked hard at it for a while, and she became a strong woman. Corporations never accepted her due to her appearance, so she decided to work alone, away from the mainstream. She took the loot from dead wanted people instead of the price on their heads. A noteworthy detail, is that she doesn't like to change.

//Character Gear:: Magazine Belt, Backpack,
//Suit Name:: SynTech Corp. Class VI Secure Space-Combat Suit (SSCS-6)
//Suit Type:: Uh... Battle Armor?
//Shielding:: Immortality Protocol v3.44 Re-Instated
oo-Demolition Assist Pistol Sidearm v3.45 (DAPS)
oo-Class XVI Semi-Automatic Gauss Powered Rifle (SAGPR-16)

//Other equipment:: Bulky Jump Jets, self crafted of course!
Alexis Victoria Powers Reaper13

//New Character:: ENDSCRPT

Author's Note: I know it probably seems half assed but it's not.
Honestly I worked to the best of my ability for this to be created.
And that might not be true ^


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Alexis Victoria Powers
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