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PostSubject: Tank Hunter   Tank Hunter Icon_minitimeThu Apr 18, 2013 2:00 am

player ID: christen MX
character name: Tank Hunter (warrior name, original name: Max Tanjer)
race: Human Cyborg
age: 21 Earth years
gender: male
height: 7'1
weight: 230 pounds (body, mostly muscle, and mechanical parts, weight) 478 pounds (suit, mostly weapon weight)
known languages: English, Computer, Space pirate (modern), Chozo,
appearance: While a large part of his body is still visually human/organic, most of it is cyborg parts that were melded to him to save his life, these parts show in certain areas, and they are usually a mechanical grey, aside from the wires that show underneath his skin, they are red, blue, and green. His skin color is a dark tan, and the right side of his face is covered in a metal plating, and his right eye is a blue camera like metal circle, he is quite muscular, both from electricity caused muscle activity building muscle mass, and from actually working out. His left eye, the one that didn't need replacing, is a light blue.
Faction/Organization: bounty hunter
alignment: chaotic lawful evil good (yes, he is both good and evil, he is a true human at heart. He causes mass collateral damage when on missions, hence the chaotic, and he has a strong sense of honor. hence the lawful.)
personality: He is not rigidly bound to a set code, instead living by the way things are. When he needs to be, he can be a fierce killer, set on only destroying the target, and when he needs to be he can be a kind gentle hearted man who only wishes to help. the only constant is his strong sense of honor, that will rise above everything no matter what is going on around him.
strengths: nearly eighty percent of his insides were replaced with robotic parts, and his muscles were mechanically enhanced, these factors give him highly enhanced strength, and he was already a very smart and strong man before most of his body was replaced with mechanical parts.
weaknesses: being as his body is made out of mostly mechanical and computery parts, a good EMP will knock him completely offline for several hours, so he is easily disabled, though it won't kill him or permanently damage his brain. in this way, his cybernetics are as much a curse as a blessing.
likes: children, getting the bounty, helping others, killing his enemies, and being honorable, whether noted or not.
dislikes: those who bring willful harm to others with no reason, or more accurately when those others don't deserve to be hurt.
equipment: the MK XIII, and all the weapons included on it.
character history: Originally Max was a human, a perfect genome human, but a human none the less. He was the first success in the perfect human genome project (PHGP), which was begun to create the perfect version of a human, the best in all physical and mental areas that genetics could supply. He was made in a computer, and cloned into a tube, but he was a person, and nothing could take that away from him. Until nearly seventeen years after being "born" he was involved in a terrible accident. He had been trying to rush people away from a war, innocent bystanders, nothing more, and when a grenade got thrown off course and landed right next to the group he was trying to get to the ship that would take them away from the war site, he covered it with his own body. The only thing that kept him from dying from severe destruction of internal organs was the very fact that his body was more powerful than regular humans, but that didn't stop him from having most of his body severely DAMAGED by the explosion, it just prevented his death for a time. The group he had been working with rushed him onto the ship, leaving only a few behind to direct the innocents into the other ships, and rushed him to the nearest hospital, that wasn't on a planet being ravaged by war, but they couldn't help him. They did know someone who could, they thought, so sent Max to her. Of course, the damage was too extensive to repair at that point, and she couldn't actually help him anymore. Thankfully, there was someone there who could, he had been visiting a friend when he saw Max in his damaged state, and knew a product of the PHGP when he saw one. He had started it after all. Max's creator took him away and replaced most of his body, all the stuff damaged, with robotic parts including part of his brain and face. This gave him further enhanced abilities, but it did give him more of a disposition towards violence due to personality changes. Not much else is known before he showed up a few years later to the general public, going by the name an alien race had given him (translated into Tank) and sporting a powerful battle suit upgraded with technology gained from his creator, and then him beginning to take on bounty hunts, earning him his new last name.

Suit name: The MK XIII
suit type: Gungnir class III model XIII battle armor (illegal in places that know about it, part pirate tech)
weaponry: Electro-cannon: This gun is something very similar in form to a anti-tank rifle, and needs to be used like a sniper rifle, from a laying down position with an eye at the scope (actually it has a visor that filters what is seen through the scope on top to the person using it's visor), it has three large metal rods coming out of the base, and the barrel is actually a very thick circular rod cut into three parts triangularly with an energy charger at the base- with a circle cut out of the three rod parts at the vertices of each- and the rods (all of them) are used to focus and amplify the electrical energy into a very deadly long range explosive energy weapon. This gun is so powerful that it needs to have ammo/energy packs for useage, and each one can only have enough energy for three shots maximum, some shots use more energy but deal the same damage, and the cartridge packs are very large, so the person in question can only carry three at a time.
Epsilon Gau (model 13): This seven barreled monstrosity was made with rapid destruction in mind, it fires off bolts (like lightning, not bolts as in the kind used in building) of kinetic force at a rate of six per second, each one exploding upon contact with enough force to break through a blast shield designed to withstand super missiles and even power bombs, but it takes time to get moving fast enough to generate the kinetic force needed to fire at all (three post charge up, ten cooldown.)
Σ Vulcan: Named after it's original wielder, Elite pirate sigma (later known as Helix), the Σ Vulcan is a powerful twelve barreled Gatling type machine gun that fires powerful shots made out of crystallized phazon coated in crystallized fuel gel, these rounds explode violently upon impact, and can put major dents in even some of the hardest materials. This weapon runs on a belt system, each belt being made of three hundred shots. Each belt, even during firing, is stored in an extra dimensional pocket made specifically for this purpose, but while it is immense, it can only hold so much matter, and only five belts can be carried around at one time.
shielding: Extra heavy shielding (blocks eighty five percent of all damage taken, has five energy tanks), varia, gravity, and hazard.

Alt-form: "Walking tank"
Weapon systems:
main: Omega cannon, fires off highly explosive blast able to rip apart blast shields with little effort.
main: Armageddon gauntlets, increases punching strength a hundred fold, allows for destruction of massive objects with ease, and allows for the movement of immensely heavy objects.
Sub: Judge, Jury, and executioner: This powerful single shot weapon must be reloaded after each shot is fired, and the energy for the shots must be gained, thus this weapon is only used in emergencies, as the process for building new "shells" is long, difficult, and annoying. The shots fired are huge, oval like, spheres made of some form of green energy (bio energy actually) that explodes violently upon impact with any surface, even of a grazing kind, making this weapon EXTREMELY dangerous to use at all. however, the shots are powerful enough to rip through most materials with ease, and can easily punch holes in creatures as powerful as super mutated kraids of all things. (in damage terms, this gun would be about strong enough to deal several thousand points of damage to some of the strongest enemies. but, it has only room for one shot, and each shot needs to be hand crafted, and cannot last outside of the gun for long, making multiple being carried impossible.)
Description: This alternate form is not of the "reduce size" variety, instead being something that increases the destructive capabilities of the user for close to thirty minutes. unfortunately it has a form of ammo limit itself, and can only be used when certain conditions are met, and even then only once a month or so. With every powerful enemy killed, the MK XIII absorbs some energy, when the suit has reached Overload level (three times the normal max energy amount) alt form is achievable. However, after useage, the suit shuts down for close to three days, and must be put into rest mode before the reboot can begin (the reboot is what allows for useage at the end of the three days)

ship: Apocalypse
ship type: Behemoth class heavy cannon ship
weapon systems: modified electro-cannons, has four in front, takes half the time to charge and takes energy from the surroundings instead of from cartridge packs.
attachments: none
registered to the name of: Tank Hunter


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Tank Hunter
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