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 Kraul Blacksun, Vhozon Bounty Hunter

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PostSubject: Kraul Blacksun, Vhozon Bounty Hunter   Sat Jul 06, 2013 11:23 am

Character name: Kraul Blacksun
Race: Vhozon
Age: Undeterminable
Gender: Most likely male
Height: 8'3
Weight: 300 lbs


Personality: For all intents and purposes, Kraul is a walking battlesuit. He never takes his off, and nobody has seen his face for countless years, not even his closest friends (if any). Kraul is distant, and may not even reply to others when talked to. It has been speculated that Kraul is actually an AI in a Vhozon suit, since his leg armor seems way too thin to support any being under it, but this could just as easy be cybernetics. He seems to make no reaction to pain, and to hear him speak in anything longer than a sentence is a rarity not often experienced.
Strengths: Mid to Long range combat
Weaknesses: Feelings, is slow, tends to ignore any wounds he sustains
Likes/Dislikes: Nothing/Everyone
Known Languages: Vhozon, English, some Chozo.


Faction/Organization: Independent bounty hunter
Alignment: Neutral, although tends to lean towards heartlessness.


Equipment: Vhozon Titan Series heavy battlesuit, modified Vhozon ship.


Character History: Kraul was born on the Vhozon home planet, presumably to two loving parents. Vhozon citizenry records do have a file on him, but it is mostly blank, and does not come with a picture. His parents were in the Vhozon military, and served as security guards on a colony cruiser, on which Kraul and his sister, Sallira, were also living on. One day, the ship came under attack by overwhelming numbers of Space pirates, when Kraul had just reached maturity. His parents died defending the ship, buying Kraul enough time to take his father's heavy battlesuit and carry his still young sister off of the colony cruiser on a scout ship. From the cockpit, him and his sister watched the lights of the Vhozon ship power off, the only sources of illumination being the occasional flashing of light from the windows as Pirates slaughtered everyone inside. His sister, being wounded while escaping, died on the way over to the nearest trading post, her last words being "I just wanted to see your face again" as she placed her hand on the visor of Kraul's helmet. From that point on, Kraul was a changed Vhozon. Before arriving at Novum Lunar, a trading post close to the colony cruiser, Kraul uploaded his sister's consciousness into the ship's AI, ensuring that his sister lived on through his ship.

-Battle suit-
Suit Name: Kraul Blacksun
Suit Type: Vhozon Titan Series heavy assault suit, with integrated shielding and weapon systems.
Weaponry: Vhozon PX12 heavy repeating armblaster on left hand, Power Gauntlet on left hand. Chest-mounted mini-lasers, and shoulder mounted smart-missile systems
Shielding: Vhozon integrated energy shielding, Power Gauntlet doubles as physical shield.

Ship Name: Sallira
Ship Type: Vhozon Single Man Reconaissance Walkership

Weapon Systems: 4 Vhozon Autolasers that each pop out of panels on the sides that also have the vehicle's legs, so it has four. They can swivel 180 degrees in all directions, giving the ship/exploration walker a cylindrical field of fire around itself.
1 Vhozon homing missile pod mounted on the top.
Attachments: Can be considered a stealth ship, since only the most advanced sensors can pick it up. Its landing legs (Which it also uses to walk around as a ground vehicle) are equipped with electromagnets and adamantium claws, which allows it to walk on any surface, even the sides of other ships. The engine has been modified for interstellar travel, and the ship also sports a Vhozon AI, which Kraul lovingly refers to as "Sister", that allows the ship to pilot itself when on and off the ground, giving Kraul a form of companion that walks around with him. A 30 foot tall, heavily armed and armored companion.
Registered to the Name of: Kraul Blacksun

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PostSubject: Re: Kraul Blacksun, Vhozon Bounty Hunter   Mon Jul 08, 2013 7:40 pm

JustLex wrote:
I like those arrows and raise you a thumb

Blacksun wrote:

May want to fix that. Nice job with this character though, the pictures are pretty neat.
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PostSubject: Re: Kraul Blacksun, Vhozon Bounty Hunter   Tue Jul 09, 2013 12:36 am

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PostSubject: Re: Kraul Blacksun, Vhozon Bounty Hunter   

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Kraul Blacksun, Vhozon Bounty Hunter
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