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 Sonictroid Chapter 1 (A Metroid Sonic Crossover)

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PostSubject: Sonictroid Chapter 1 (A Metroid Sonic Crossover)   Sat Dec 27, 2014 6:08 am

As a Fan of Both Sonic and Metroid I read a fan fiction, it wasn't very good and I though that I could do better. So I did, here it is

By MrTreesSapling

Chapter 1: The adventure begins

Sonic ran through an other loop, dashing at the speed of sound. He jumped and killed Dr.Eggman's robots, each of them released a little animal. Soon Sonic came to a halt, his shoes screeching as he slowed down. He looked at the foggy black sky ahead, with a gaint factory on top the highest point. The wind blew hard as the Tornado 2 passed by Sonic.
"Come on Sonic!!" Tails shouted pulling the plane around.
"Ready to pay Egghead a visit Tails?" Sonic replyed as he jumped onto the speeding plane.


Eggman walked through the main cargo bay, doing final inspections before he launches the Egg Rocket. "No! No! No!!! Be careful! We don't want to spill it everywhere!!!" Eggman shouted at one of his robots. "Common!!! Launch is in 2 minutes! And Sonic will-"
"Will what baldy nowe hair?" Sonic interrupted Eggman

"S-Sonic!!!! Forget 2 minutes!!!! Launch in 30 Seconds!!!!!" Eggman panicked as he ran into the ship. "I'll not have that pest ruin my plans now!!!"

"Sonic!!" Tails shouted
"Tails! Take care of the robots! I got Eggman!" Sonic said as he jumped onto the Egg rocket as it began to launch.
"Got it Sonic,"
Tails then activated a Laser gun and used a combination of his tail spin attack and the laser gun to take out the robots. Just as tails was about to take on the second wave of robots he got hit on the head, sending flying across the floor.

"Wha-....." Tails said with his vision blurred
Shadow walked up, "I'm sorry, it had to be done Tails,"
"Sha-Shadow! Shadow! Shadow!" Tails said as Shadow walked away. "Shadow Whe-" Just then something knocked Tails out.

On the Egg Rocket.....

Sonic run up and down the halls of the giant ship. It was very large and had multiple dead ends. Soon Sonic found the control room.
"WELCOME SONIC!!" Eggman greeted
"So Eggman, whats ya up to this time?" Sonic replyed
"YA BOSS! AAre you gonna tell Sonic your evil plan???" Cubot added.
"Shut up! But while your here I might as well." Eggman responded as he trapped Sonic in a Glass Case. "You see Sonic! There are vast worlds beyond our solar system! Creatures, plants," Eggman smiled "Power... Beyond our imagination!"
"Your point is?" Sonic smirked
"He is right! What's your point boss?" Orbot asked.
"My point is.... That the entire ship is filled with DNA, of the Metroid. You see, after I escaped the white void I was in some ruins! I couldn't read what they said, but I took a stone tablet with me through another portal. Soon after my previous defect, I has a vision! It was how to translate the ruins on the stone tablet I took! Soon I found the way to the planet SR-388, well... That's what the tablet said it was called. I found a amazing, powerful, and deadly creature. Though a research base near the planet was full of the creatures DNA, the stone tablet said the creature was called a Metroid. Soon I figured out how to tame the Metroid and I'm right know heading to SR-388 to gain DNA and build the Eggman Empire throughout the Universe!

"And what do I have to do with this plan?" Sonic asked
"Heheh, Nothing!" Eggman shouted as he launched Sonic towards the surface.

End of Chapter 1

Note: This is after Sonic Lost World and before Metroid Prime 2, but after the first Prime Game. Chapter 2 coming soon.
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PostSubject: Re: Sonictroid Chapter 1 (A Metroid Sonic Crossover)   Sat Dec 27, 2014 6:11 am

Sorry for typos and misspelled words, auto correct sucks and I'll fix it when I have time and feel like fixing it.
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Sonictroid Chapter 1 (A Metroid Sonic Crossover)
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