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 Kisa Rikuya

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PostSubject: Kisa Rikuya   Kisa Rikuya Icon_minitimeSun Apr 12, 2009 4:13 am

Player ID: AranxNiomii
Character name: Kisa Rikuya
Race: AI
Age: Her time of creation was 2 years ago, but she holds the appearance of a 24-year-old
Gender: Female
Height: 6'
Weight: 213 lbs (She is a robot)
Appearence:Kisa Rikuya 04-2
Faction/Organization: Chozo
Alignment: Neutral
Personality: Quiet and cold. Even though she had human personalities inserted into her head, she find that they interfere with her actions and doesn't use them. She has received the nickname "Ice" among the ranks of the Federation, even though many have never seen her. She finds the Federation corrupted at times, and mostly classifies people in three ways: superiors- treated with the respect deserved. Follow their orders. allies- assisted when needed targets/threats- removed. Even though she is like that, she loves to cook, and is an expert at it. Also has a passion or knowledge
Strengths: Kisa can hack, pilot, is excellent in both ranged combat and melee combat, and has a cloaking field. Pretty much anything a robot can do. Oh, she can also cook really well.
Weaknesses: Since she is a AI, she can be infected with a virus, and can run out of power. She doesn't do well with electric shocks.
Likes/Dislikes: Kisa does not share emotion. Therefore, she does not "like" or "dislike" something. Even though she is capable of those emotions, she doesn't use them.
Other: Even though she is a android, she can consume food like a normal person.
Equipment: Powersuit, Series of removable programs and chips, and explosives.
Character History: Kisa was the first successful version of her kind, made by the Chozo. She went though intense practice and had many different combat strategies uploaded into her mind, until the Chozo saw that she was ready and sent her to work to help the Federation, but not to become a part of them. Following Samus' path, she helped them as a Bounty Hunter. Before she left however, she gained a kind of suit made for her kind only since she was the only of her kind. Eventually, it merged with her, and she can reconstruct her left arm into a cannon much like Samus', since she is a robot. But she can still remove it if needed.

Only applies if character has a battle suit.
Suit Name: CR-9213
Suit Type: Chozo Powersuit (made for robots)
Weaponry: Nova Beam, Normal Missile, Cloaking field, Morph Ball
Shielding: Hazard

Ship Name: Y9-2HY8
Ship Type: Chozo Gunship
Weapon Systems: Frontal and rear plasma cannons, missile launcher, and a small plasma turret.
Attachments: Cloaking Field, Weapon Ammo Generator, Food Synthesizer
Registered to the Name of: Kisa Rikuya
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Kisa Rikuya
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