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 Arcturus Horrigan

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PostSubject: Arcturus Horrigan   Arcturus Horrigan Icon_minitimeFri Jun 10, 2016 11:31 pm

Player ID: Crazyzealot


Character name: (Former Captain) Arcturus Horrigan
Race: Cybernetic human
Age: 45
Gender: Male
Height: 6'10
Weight: Heavy
Appearance: A tall man with greying black hair and a somewhat scarred face, with a beard. Wears a modified Federation uniform, or heavily modified powered armor during combat on the rare occasion that he goes into combat, along with having cybernetic arms and a cybernetic right eye that glows red.
Personality: Charismatic. Badass sounding southern accent.
Strengths: Enhanced strength from his cybernetic implants and arms, his armor being very durable and enhancing his strength further. Having an entire faction as backup. Charismatic.
Weaknesses: Otherwise just a normal human.
Dislikes: The Galactic Federation, seeing it as people who could help (and him) Tawfret but didn't, leaving his homeworld to die.
Known Languages: Galactic Basic


Faction/Organization: Sons of Tawfret, formerly Galactic Federation
Alignment: Lawful Neutral.


Equipment: Gatling gun(In his suit only), Spiker Rifle(A type of rifle used by the Sons of Tawfret. A rifle based off an old Federation design that fires armor piercing spikes, made for ripping straight through shields and armor.)


Character History: A Captain working with the Federation, stationed in orbit at Tawfret(His home world) at the time of the Leviathan dropping. The shockwave from the leviathan crashing spread even to space, taking his flagship to the planet. For months him and his crew were stuck on the planet, with no way of contacting the fleet or anything. With no sign of help, he decided to have him and his crew take the city they crashed in under their protection, eventually forming his own military force out of his surviving men, promoting himself to General.
Him and his faction, known as the Tawfretian Authority, spread across the planet, taking over a sizeable amount of it(Mostly the area around the city, but they've been known to spread out and patrol, purging mutants from the planet.)
He ruled his part of the planet for about 20 years, keeping his end of the planet safe from raiders and mutants, though his definition of mutant was rather broad. If someone was even seen regenerating from a wound or with glowing eyes, they were gunned down on sight by his men. This was not without reason, however. Multiple events of mutants who seemed normal but were "awakened" by the Leviathan to attack groups of civilians in the city led to them being rather paranoid.

Eventually he managed to repair his flagship, taking it to space along with his military forces. Traveling across the sector and picking up anyone who'd be willing to fight for him(People tired of the Federation, people who are just in it for the money, or people who genuinely believe Tawfret was poorly treated), forming a rebel faction known as the Sons of Tawfret, dedicated to overthrowing the Federation, using one of the forest moons of his world as a capital planet.

-Battle suit-
Suit Name: Horrigan's Power Suit
Suit Type: Exosuit
Weaponry: Wrist machine guns, shoulder mounted retractable missile launchers. Pile bunkers in the arms. Strength enhancements
Shielding: Thick shielding, though most of its durability comes from its very thick armor.

Ship Name: The Leviathan
Ship Type: Tawfretian Battle Cruiser
Weapon Systems: Numerous laser batteries and rocket launchers, yamato cannon(A charged blast that has the force of a nuclear detonation. Requires positioning the whole ship to aim it and a minute to charge).
Modifications: Greatly enhanced shielding and armor, boosted weapon capacitors.
Registered to the Name of: Arcturus Horrigan

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Arcturus Horrigan
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