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PostSubject: Glitch Nexus   Glitch Nexus Icon_minitimeSat Jun 11, 2016 12:29 pm

player ID: christen MX
character name: Glitch
race: powered armorsuit (Nexus series)
age: seven months
gender: N/A
height: 6'11
weight: 65 pounds
known languages: computer, English
appearance: A silver powered armorsuit with a flat chest, and no back thrusters, it's legs are fairly standard for a simple power-suit (prime 1 power-suit legs, no leg spikes), aside from the blades running along the front "bone", not extending far past the knee, it's boots have the same anti-gravity repulser rings as the fusion-suit used by Samus, but also a spiked double-thruster (with the spikes coming up from the backs of the two thruster parts on each boot and pointing up and out) on the back of each boot. The arms have blades running along the outer "bone" (the bone that on humans would be on the same side as the pinky finger) extending a few inches past the elbow and curving very slightly. Each finger is tipped with a powerful claw with energy shields that repel objects, creating an acting sharpness that doesn't wear down, and there is a curved, flat, spike-like blade coming out of the middle two front knuckles of each hand, each is a few inches long and very sharp, able to cut through very sturdy materials (ones that aren't layered very thick at least). The helmet/head has two "horns" coming out of the side of the head and coming down to just below where the mouth would be (if it had one), extending past that point. They are flat, and do not curve, instead angling in the direction they will be going at multiple points. The visor is fairly unique, instead of being an actual screen of some material, it is a large system of incredibly small cameras, and they form a very ornate design. There is an energy shield covering the cameras, from the inside it is invisible, but to the people looking at the helmet, the shield is a bright, bloody red. The shoulders each have a large plate similar in form to the power-suit shoulder-pads of Samus, but longer and much more spike like at the tips. There is also a line running down the middle of it's chest, from which can protrude a very large cannon (attack will be explained in weapons). Glitch also wears a belt with straps running up the sides of it's chest and coming down it's back, this belt has, on the front, places that hold phazon grenades running along the straps, and the belt part holds small test-tube like weapons that when primed and thrown will protrude tiny guns that fire off thirty shots a piece (though the shots are quite weak).
Faction/Organization: whoever can offer it some hint to it's purpose in existence/freelance basically.
alignment: none
personality: very little, it's sentience alone is caused by a glitch in the programming. what little personality it DOES have is often overshadowed by the natural "sorrow" of not even having a clue to it's purpose.
strengths: Being a nano-bot based suit, Glitch can repair itself quickly, and doesn't need much protection from damage, also from being a nano-bot based suit, Glitch can compress it's "body" into much smaller forms, either from literally compressing, and thus removing the air that contributes to it's mass, or from dematerializing an amount of the nano-bots that make it up, or even both. It also takes energy from the surrounding area to power itself, and that includes the energy from things it has killed, or the energy left over from it's energy attacks. Also, the nano-bots that make it up can replicate by using energy from a storage unit inside of Glitch, allowing it to morph it's body into slightly different forms, or make weapons for useage in battle.
weaknesses: Glitch's energy weaponry consumes massive levels of energy, so much so that it needs to take from the energy storage device for the energy used to create new nano-bots just to keep active before a system recharge (from taking energy from the surrounding area in heavy doses), and this can put a massive strain on Glitch. Also, aside from the weaponry Glitch is programmed to use, it cannot assimilate many weapons, and although it can replicate some, they don't work well because it can't copy the programming that allow them to work. Being as Glitch is self-sufficient, it takes it too long to recharge it's energy when not actively absorbing from enemies, and it's energy weapons don't leave much energy behind.
likes: nothing. Glitch cannot "like" without having more active emotions, something that it can't just come upon, and it can't replicate said emotions without knowing them through and through.
dislikes: (see likes for info.)
equipment: Glitch, being a powered armorsuit, IS equipment, and so does not need much other than it's own body.
character history: Glitch began as an ultimate weapon built to be used be Espera Nota, created to make the very best useage of Espera's incredible stores of energy. The suit, named the Nexus armor for unknown reasons, went through multiple stages. The first two stages were overcome by multitudes of glitches, so many that they were completely incapable of functioning. The class three seemed to be the perfected version, but eventually it too underwent a massive programming glitch; that is, it became sentient because of some unforeseen programming error. Glitch suddenly became aware for no understandable reason, and suddenly it feared for it's existence. So the suit ran. It ran as fast as it could, burning out it's speed booster thrusters completely from hyper-action in it's haste. The suit had a map of the station like ship, and it ran to the place it had the best chance of escaping through: the ship hanger. It took one of the more recently obtained ships, dubbed "The Helpful" by Glitch's creator, executing a system jump to the far side of the galaxy from where the Elysium was, and since then it has been searching for it's reason to exist. Being as it is young, Glitch does not have much experience yet, and has had very little luck in finding even a hint as to it's true purpose.

suit type: Nexus class three destruction armorsuit (Glitch's body)
weaponry: pretty much Glitch's entire body is nothing but weaponry, as it was made to be the ultimate weapon of mass-destruction (upon the living and undead, not planets or even cities, though it could probably level a medium sized town), but it's main weapons (the ones intended for main useage, not the ones most used) are it's chest-born HAC (Huge-Ass-Cannon) which a single shot of which will nearly completely empty Glitch's main energy levels and reserves, a small "gun" in the left arm that fires short lasting super-miniature black holes (they last for only three or four seconds, and can only eat up about three feet of matter, but they can still be deadly) that will take nearly all of Glitch's main energy tanks energy to fire a single shot, a few hundred missile launchers hidden under the first layer of it's body that fire different types (most of them normal missiles), and a slew of different guns kept in special spacial distortions in it's body until needed (these run on their own power sources, so don't hit him at all thankfully, see "Espera Nota" for information on these weapons, all but the metroid rifle). There are also a few other weapons (such as those outlined in the description that are a part of it's form), and those include a small super missile Gatling cannon that comes out of it's right wrist, this has ten barrels and holds twenty super missiles -which get fired very rapidly- per clip/belt (It/he has three clip/belts at a time, and can refill them at ammo-stations), and a small galvanic accelerator cannon taken from a space pirate, as well a beam-sword based on the welding-torch function of Ghor's plasma cannon (it goes for two meters, and then stops, it has a good deal of cutting power, though it is rarely used).
shielding: light shielding with shielding against super high and low levels of heat.

alt-form: nano-cloud.
description: Glitch becomes a cloud of nano-bots and scatters across a large area, this only happens when it takes too much damage to power it's body, and so it scatters to use less energy. this form has NO combat capabilities, but it does absorb energy faster by using less and having more energy absorbers to work on the area.

ship: The Helpful
ship type: simple travel ship for going from place to place.
weapon systems: has no weaponry, though it has fair shielding to protect it in case of attack.
attachments: a ship grapple, however it is broken.
registered to the name of: Espera nota (it was taken when Glitch became self aware and gained free-will.)

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