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 AU Thoth 642

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Hiraito Kilepura

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PostSubject: AU Thoth 642   Fri Jan 30, 2009 1:32 am

Player ID: Pup64?
Character name: 642 "Thoth"
Race: Aurora
Homeplanet: Norion
Age: 4
Gender: Male persona
Height: As an AU: 1 foot
-------: Full body: 5 feet
Weight: As an AU: 5 pounds
--------: Full body 50 pounds
Appearence: In aurora, Blue grey with red stripes.
Known Languages: Every known language in the Federation database
Faction/Organization: Galactic Federation
Alignment: Good
Personality: Sarcastic with Large Ego
Strengths: As an organic computer can retain a nigh infinite amount of information.
Weaknesses: Physical weakness. Brittle.
Likes/Dislikes: Likes solving problems. Dislikes incomplete fact.
Equipment: Robotic body (Eventually equipped with suit) Federation Ship

Character History:
I awoke- for the first time of my life- in a space pirate lab. Unlike other Auroras, I'm smaller, and instead of a stasis tank I have a tighter, more bubble like shield. The pirates had given me a body- a simple robotic body, the most elaborate limb being the finger. They given me a hazard shield, which covered my faux back and shoulders. I broke free of the restraints and stole a space pirate ship and got out of there. I landed on Norion. After proving I was not like them, they revealed the "Recycle Bin" they had recovered from missions and used to create hybrid suits- Samus Aran's old Phazon suit, used by Dark Samus, Countless suit components of S-AX, nigh worthless, a full GF armor, Samus' old PED, countless steambots, and more. They told me the PEDs were useless because of the destruction of Phazon. But I explained that Phazon could be created with a Matter Generation Device. The pirates had downloaded phazon's atomic weight and the possibbility of a MGD into me. After a few days I had been able to create a blueprint of an MGD to fit my metal skeleton, and the Federation gave me a room to put the pieces of the suit and MGD together. I placed a Steambot leg and an S-AX leg on the mannequin, then placed a previously completed MGD on the torso. Then in the MGD I put Samus Aran's old PED, complete with Phazon Beam, Phazon missiles, and Hyper Grapple. I placed a GF marine arm with blaster over the right arm and connected the PED. To hold it together, I took off the Hazard shield and put it on the shoulders and back. I then slipped a Phazon Suit arm on the Left. To finish it off, I punched the visor drive out of a Marine helmet and hooked a receptor into it, and I downloaded S-AX's visors later, giving me the every special visor retained by it: Dark Visor, Echo Visor, Scan Visor, Thermal Visor, X-Ray Visor. I had already had a GF Combat visor and Ship Remote. I covered the areas emitting light and spray painted it a glossy white. The federation then offered me to enlist into the federation. I accepted.

Suit Name: Thoth suit
Suit Type: Hybrid
Weaponry: PED
Shielding: Hazard shields

Ship Name: Anonymous (This is the name of the ship)
Ship Type: Galactic Federation
Weapon Systems: Turret connects to PED
Attachments: Grapple hook, Tractor beam
Registered to the Name of: Mobile Aurora Unit 642
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Hiraito Kilepura

Posts : 316
Join date : 2008-12-03
Age : 30
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PostSubject: Re: AU Thoth 642   Fri Jul 10, 2009 12:00 pm

The federation has upgraded the composure of Mobile Aurora Units. Mobile Aurora Units are now composed of a satellite/ship within 200 miles of a wi-fi equipped simple robot, with a small organic processor. The main AU is inside of the ship and directly controls the robot. MAUs should now be upgraded with this change so as to gain main unit size to the standard AU 200 kg, as opposed to the original 10 kg and enhance efficiency and power. The change is optional for Aurora Units without official owners.
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AU Thoth 642
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