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 RagnarokorangaR, the mutagenic parasite ooze

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Sivus Grahn
Sivus Grahn

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PostSubject: RagnarokorangaR, the mutagenic parasite ooze   Thu Nov 10, 2016 9:30 am

Player ID: Sivus Grahn


Character name: RagnarokorangaR
Race: Bio-engineered hyper-mutative symbiotic super-parasite (Ragnarok) (Originally developed from Ing biomatter, X-parasite biomatter, Various types of natural and artificial phazon, and a viral subject known as the Z-virus (A misnomer by nature) which was released and discovered on one temporal variant of the planet Tawfret)
Age: Situationally dependent
Gender: Genderless/Gender-neutral/Non-binary (You get the gist)
Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Appearance: An squirming mass of black and red goo/ooze that looks similar to lava if the firey oranges and yellows were replaced with phazon-like blood. Looks kinda like that living phazon crap from MP3, or a large Phaz-ing. Otherwise variable.
Personality: Indescribable, thought processes function in unrecognizable ways to human consciousness. Typically acts like a dapper gentleman or some kind of angered demon. Possesses a deep seeded anger and hatred towards many races among the stars (though not particularly at the individuals comprising those races). Noticable personality is GREATLY affected by its current host and the degree of control over said host that they each possess (the more control Ragnarok has, the less of the host's personality traits present themselves and the more subtle the presented are. The opposite holds true as well.)
Strengths: Almost impossible to kill, possesses NO natural biological weaknesses, capable of taking control over biological and mechanical entities (though it can only genetically alter the biological), any body it "possesses" becomes extremely durable and powerful, capable of effectively reviving the dead (though in a zombie-like state where the only thing continuing to animate them is Ragnarok).
Weaknesses: No distinct direct or indirect weaknesses exist, though could potentially be created, something would simply need to target any incomplete/imperfect gene segments and weaponize them into a biological weapon against Ragnarok...probably not too easy, but far from impossible.
Likes/Dislikes: No distinct care for anything one way or another, as it does not possess a human or humanoid thinking style, "likes" or "Dislikes" are not a thing that exist in its world.
Known Languages: Can understand any language that its host does, and can communicate in thought-form with its host and any mentally linked creatures, but does not directly itself understand or speak any known (or even unknown) language.


Faction/Organization: Esperian Empire (if any)
Alignment: True Neutral


Other: This f*&(er has basically been fully described in various Espera entries. Oh, and this creature is half comprised of the healing ooze Korangar, hence the amalgam name. This means that any host has a massively accelerated healing factor. Ragnarok can store DNA, brain construct, and electrical signal patterns in the neurons to create a hyper-accurate pseudo-digital recreation of any host it inhabits, allowing it to effectively revive its host if their body is destroyed and it is able to get enough new bio-mass to recreate them.
Theme Song: None, if I could make one, it would be called creeping horror, and well represented by the name.
Equipment: Whatever is on its host body when it possesses them/it.
Bounty: 18 trillion Seguru upon live delivery (NGF). A ration increase and stack of promotions equatable to those once available to any unit who could successfully capture the Hunter alive or kill her (SP)


Character History: Its history has basically been described in previous Espera posts. Only real unique things to happen are that this one batch had enough successive succesful bondings that it stopped needing a host to act on its own, and ended up setting out into space with no clear goal in mind...well, maybe, no one really knows what really happened, there's just a puddle of Ragnarok going around doing random shit for no clear reason, and no one really knows why.

-Alt Form-
Alt Form Name: Nube de Muerte (I think)
Description: A dense cloud cloud of black and red particles that floats around. Effectively the "Purple mist/cloud" Ing form that makes Darklings
Abilities/Weapons: Higher-speed movement than its normal form (which moves kind of like the living phazon or whatever from MP3, those moving puddles that shot phazon grubs out), easier (Is it though?) possession of creatures, totally silent movement (theoretically).

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RagnarokorangaR, the mutagenic parasite ooze
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