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Hiraito Kilepura
Hiraito Kilepura

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PostSubject: <^>Rildok<^>   <^>Rildok<^> Icon_minitimeTue Jun 09, 2009 1:22 pm

Player ID: Hiraito Kilepura or Rildok
Character name: Rildok
Race: Unknown (post fusion: he is known to be a dark matter based cyborg)
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 225 lb.
Appearance: Unknown besides his battle suit
Known Languages: Every language so far comprehended
Voice: This is his voice. It's the same as Nightmare's from Soul Calibur 4.
Faction/Organization: Bounty Hunters
Alignment: Neutral (somewhat evil though)
Personality: Relentless, cold, emotionless
Strengths: Agility, strength, accuracy, fearless
Weaknesses: torturing his victims makes him open for attack, underestimates his opponents
Likes/Dislikes: Unknown
Equipment: Unknown
Character History: Nothing is known of his past, except for his acts of ruthlessness and how cold he is. He tends to play with his prey, slowly driving them mad or scaring them nearly to death before either finishing them or turning them in. He has worked for both the Space Pirates and the Federation, it all depends on who pays the most. He always works alone, even if he is paired up with someone, that someone just disappears and turns up either dead or nearly there. Some say he's a cyborg that turned on his creator, murdering him in cold blood. He will kill anything that gets in his way. He's nothing more than a cold ruthless killing machine. You do not want him to be the one to chase you down.

<^>Rildok<^> Battle_suit_sketch_002
Suit Name: SRX-506
Suit Type: Combat Suit
-> Normal mode
-> Hyper mode - powered by dark matter instead of phazon
-> Hyper overcharge mode - a more powerful version of hyper mode, but strains his husk greatly and is unstable, and while in this mode he is able to hover up to 10 feet in the air
-> Shade form - He becomes a shadowy figure that can phase through most solid objects, but is vulnerable to energy based attacks. He is only in this form when his husk is greatly damaged and can no longer sustain him. While in this form, he would use his husk to protect himself if it is able. If given the time while in this form, he can possess an unpowered machine and use it as a temporary body, unless it is his own ship which he could possess in an instant. He is able to hover any distance, but cannot exit the atmosphere.
-> Dark matter nova beam
-> Missile launcher
-> Grapple beam
-> Dark matter pulse (slams ground that sends a dark matter energy pulse that goes 15ft out and about 5ft high, it can also be charged to deal even more damage and increasing the blast radius, also the pulse can be condensed into a smaller blast of his choosing for a higher impact)
-> Extendable claws (they extend from his finger tips)
--> Poison that doesn't kill but rather reaps pain throughout the body as it goes through the bloodstream.
-> Dark Nova Blast - Rildok's version of a super missile, but the explosion is bigger.
Hyper-Mode Weaponry:
-> Dark matter nova beam
-> Hyper missile
-> Grapple beam
-> Dark matter pulse (see above)
-> Dark Nova Blast (see above)
-> Dark slash (Rildok swings his claws and a dark matter wave in the shape of a crescent moon shoots out from the claws, one for each claw)
Hyper Overcharge Mode Weaponry:
-> Dark matter nova beam
-> Dark Laser - A similar attack used by Hiraito, but with it being the dark matter nova beam instead of plasma, and very much more powerful. In order for him to use this, he has to charge it up for a little bit. During this time he brings up over-shields to protect him from harm. But this power comes at a price. No matter what, his husk will be greatly damaged to the point where it becomes useless. Thus he will have to leave his husk and be defenseless until he is out of harms way. It starts off as a stream about double the size of the arm cannon barrel width, then it gets much bigger and reeks havoc to everything that is in the way. He can hold the attack for a second to turn and reposition his arm cannon to get a better shot, but it has a high chance of either cracking and weakening his arm cannon or it just blowing up in a huge explosion, because all that power has to be released somehow.
-> Hyper missile
-> Grapple beam
-> Dark matter pulse (see above)
-> Dark Nova Blast (see above)
-> Advanced shielding
-> Hazard
Other Features:
-> Dark matter powered hyper-mode
---> It can be deactivated by discharging the energy through the arm cannon as a big dark matter blast.
-> Dark matter generator
-> Upon defeat, Rildok's dark matter based tissue liquefies and a mechanical husk is left to defend against his attackers so the dark matter liquid form of Rildok can escape. Once the husk is defeated or is about to, all parts of the body explode 10 seconds after the sequence has begun to leave no trace of his technology. The head does not have to be attached to begin this sequence. Once enough system failures are detected, it begins this sequence and will even keep fighting until detonation. It cannot however attack if the head is removed or destroyed. The only thing to stop the timer is a strong EMP to fry its circuits. But it is only known that it blows up after defeat. This information is just so people know what happens and they know I'm not pulling shit out of my ass.

<^>Rildok<^> Ship_01a
Ship Name: Kaldroth
Ship Type: War Starfighter
Weapon Systems:
-> Dual dark matter cannons
---> Has two firing modes, mortar and normal
-----> Mortar Mode: Fires like a mortar but explodes after a set time or distance, dispersing a dark matter blast
-----> Normal Mode: Fires like a normal cannon does, though it can be charged to deal out more damage
-> Rear mounted dual laser turrets
-> Heavy shields
-> Overshields
-> Dark matter generator
-> Radar jamming device (also messes with missile guidance systems)
Registered to the Name of: Rildok
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