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 Morgan Kint

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PostSubject: Morgan Kint   Morgan Kint Icon_minitimeWed Jun 27, 2018 4:44 am

Player ID: Tarrix

Character name: Morgan Kint
Race: Human dragon hybrid, cyborg
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Height: 7 ft 1 in
Weight: 300 lb
Appearance: Due to the experiments, he has an unmistakable resemblance to Ridley, albeit not fully. His overall appearance is very dragon-like. He does miss the biological wings and tail though. These were later added when he obtained his armor through cybernetics. His skin is a dark purple, eyes a glowing yellow, and his hands and feet are tipped with sharp claws. If one was to look at him without his armor, they would think he was a clone.

Personality: Calm, collected, well humored, caring for his teammates. Due to the trauma from undergoing these surgeries and mutations, this has left him with an anger issue. When triggered, which can come about from a variety of different means but the most common cause is extended combat, Morgan has been known to go into a blind rage, attacking friend and enemy. Some have suggested that this could make him a liability in the long run.

Strengths: Enhanced strength, speed, durability, flight due to his armor, years of combat experience, basic medical knowledge, GF marine training, and weapons training.

Weaknesses: Slight mental instability caused by the trauma of going through these experiments. This could cause him to attack teammates if worked up into a frenzy. As a cyborg, he is damaged a lot by weapons like the shock coil and other electric-based weapons. EMPs temporarily shut down his armors more advanced functions, flying, targeting, and weapon changes. Due to his weight, he cannot swim in water, he would sink to the bottom if it is deep enough. If his armor is heavily damaged, he will be needed to be taken to a GF medical bay for replacements and physical repairs.

Likes/Dislikes: Loves teas, books, warm meals, socializing with his team, moments of peace, and watching movies. Dislikes cockiness, cold sandwiches, beer, space pirates, his own appearance, being underwater even before his cybernetic enhancements weighed him down.

Known Languages: English, Japanese, bits of Chozo but not enough to be fluent.


Faction/Organization: Bounty Hunter, Galactic Federation
Alignment: Good


Other: recreational dog tags of his brother and father, a family picture of all of them together.


Character History: At a young age, Morgan lost his father and brother on an expedition to unknown parts of space. Vowing to find them, he enlisted into the marines right when he was old enough. Going through the courses, he pushed himself harder than he ever had, hellbent on finding his family members. Once he was a marine, he spent years doing what was needed of him, mostly dealing with space pirates. This taught him personally the dog eat dog manner of space and those that lived in it. He saw so many innocent people die that he knew he had to make himself better, and so he volunteered for every suicidal mission he could, coming out injured and nearly dead most of the time. Over the years the suicidal missions became easier for him, learning from every mistake he made and adapting to situations accordingly.

When the Galactic Federation requested him for an experimental project, he accepted without hesitation. The surgeries and enhancements nearly broke him mentally, but he stayed strong, repeating his personal mission to himself over and over when they were not operating on him. Finally, when it was all over, they placed him within a cryo chamber to sleep for a while, when he awoke two months had passed. They told him that the experiments had given them unexpected results, to which he asked what and then the horror set in.

He had not seen Ridley personally, but pictures of the dragon were all over the place, often using him as an example of a dangerous enemy that should not be taken lightly. When he saw Ridley looking back at him, he punched the mirror and escaped the chamber, only to find his body weak and falling onto the floor. Once looking at the reflective floor, he knew what had happened, he had changed. The doctors informed him that they gave him Ridley's DNA to improve his physical prowess, they did not know this would happen to him.

He asked what else was in store for him, to which they replied he had to go through armor testing, and that he did sign up for the cybernetic program as well. He slowly got up, following the doctors to the lab.

Weeks passed, he was slowly given his cybernetic enhancements. The doctors told him that since his body was more dragon-like, they used pieces of Meta Ridley's body to create the armor, wings, and tail. But because of the extra limbs, his armor had to be permanently put on him, connecting it with his body. Though he did not give up, he told them to continue their experiment, but after this, he wanted to let go and become a bounty hunter. The doctors agreed and sent the request to the top.

When it was all said and done, Morgan was released and given his own personal ship of choice. he picked the modified gunship as his. The experiments left him changed, people can not look at him without seeing the visage of that dragon that fueled terror throughout the worlds. But he did all of this to protect those that could not defend themselves and to find his father and brother, he was now well equipped enough to handle almost anything that came his way.

-Battle suit-
Suit Name: EPS, "Experimental Power Suit", Ridley-2
Suit Type: Experimental cybernetic suit.
Weaponry: Multipurpose right arm cannon, mechanical bladed tail with a laser cutter, left arm energy blade.
Shielding: EMP dampening to protect vital functions, protection against basic gunfire, but will wear down after a while, seals up once in a toxic environment or a place without oxygen. The helmet is used for multiple purposes, to allow breathing in hostile environments, head protection, eye protection from flash bangs, scanning, translating alien texts, communications, and has an emergency canteen that filters water from the air.

Ship Name: Delta Stinger
Ship Type: Gunship
Weapon Systems: automatic laser defense, missile turrets, flares for guided missiles, grappling hooks, electromagnetic pulse wave to knock out any enemy ships, and a self-destruct option.
Attachments: Emergency escape pod attached to the back of the ship.
Registered to the Name of: Morgan Kint.

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Morgan Kint
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