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 Kelly Oris (Legacy)

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PostSubject: Kelly Oris (Legacy)    Kelly Oris (Legacy)  Icon_minitimeMon Jun 24, 2019 6:16 am

Player ID: Fox the Ruffian


Character name: Kelly Oris
Race: Human
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Height: 5 feet 8 inches
Weight: 158lbs
Appearance: Kelly has red hair, a small frame and generally a scrunched face out of frustration, although sometimes it'll soften up a little.
Personality: Kelly is competitive and easy to anger at the surface level, but beyond that, she's a complex, calculated, and passionate human being.
Strengths: Near unmatched piloting skill, adapts easily to new vehicles of any kind.
Weaknesses: Crippling anxiety out of the pilot seat, and no ground combat skill to speak of.
Likes: Fidgeting with her current craft, dogfighting, winning dogfights.
Dislikes: Being out of the pilot seat, exercising (Which she does anyway.), being shot at on the ground, using guns.
Known Languages: Galactic Standard, Luminoth, Space Pirate.


Faction/Organization: Pilot for hire/Bounty hunter
Alignment: Neutral, leaning good.


Other: Kelly was never satisfied with her baseline skill set, so she decided to get herself some cybernetics that would give her a leg up in the sky, after losing badly previously. They improve her reaction speed drastically, and essentially outright make her think and act faster.
Equipment: Cloaking device, personal defense pistol.


Character History: Kelly always loved the stars, and wanted to fly among them, so when her parents passed naturally and left her everything, she bought a fighter. To begin with, it was small and cramped, but by taking odd jobs here and there, she eventually made enough to get herself a new ship... But she didn't. She kept her old rust bucket and kept adding to it, repairing it, and eventually it was perfect to her. So, now she's taking bigger jobs, hunting pirates, stopping outlaws. She's a fully fledged bounty hunter, tearing her way across the stars.

-Pilot suit-
Suit Name: Mark 3 Interface suit (Made by Kelly)
Suit Type: Ship to Pilot full interface suit

Ship Name: The Star of Vel
Ship Type: Modified fighter
Weapon Systems: Heavy front repeaters, EMP bombs, thermobaric bombs, Frontal ram shield.
Attachments: Small living area, detachable thrusters, expanded ammo reserves.
Registered to the Name of: Kelly Oris

Kelly Oris (Legacy)  D964yi11

Kelly and her suit.

Kelly Oris (Legacy)  C84cdd11

The Star of Vel
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Kelly Oris (Legacy)
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